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The Salmon City Council was taken by surprise earlier in the month when it received a $112,000 Budget Request from the Salmon Golf Course.

Salmon Valley Golf Course Association member Don Vick appeared before the council on August 20 to explain the request. He said that no one expected the list of proposed expenditures to go directly to the City Council without first being reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Team. Vick said the purpose of the request letter was to give the council some information on course expenses and he said it was more of a request for help than for money. He apologized for not having a representative at the last City Council meeting to explain the list.

The last item on the list was $35,000 for a double restroom to be located mid-way on the golf course. Vick said that is a real priority for the association board and that it would like some assistance in obtaining grants or other means of funding.

Councilman Rob Jackson is chairman of the Parks and Recreation Team and said the team will be pursuing the associationís request for assistance. That teamís next meeting will be September 10 at 3:30 PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

The city and the Urban Renewal agency have recently approved architectural plans for restrooms to be placed in the Town Square Park and City Park. Yet to be finalized are specific electrical and plumbing plans for the two units.

City Grants/Community Development Project Coordinator Mary Cerise described the different set of requirements under a process known as a Construction Manager General Contract (CMGC.) She said it will still be a matter of bidding but one that is more open to specific areas of expertise.

Each park restroom is a separate project funded by separate entities but, in the interests of cost efficiency, they were combined in terms of procuring an architectural design. Each will cost around $35,000 which is under the amount that legally calls for advertised sealed bids.

Cerise said the difference between a sealed bid process and a CMGC is that under the CMGC there is an opportunity to work with the construction manager and make specific choices for x amount of money in x amount of time. Rather than using the Request For Proposal (RFP) approach she asked if this project could issue a Request For Qualifications (RFQ) which will provide such details as specific experience in concrete, electrical or plumbing work and will help in determining which contractor is best for this project. Cerise said the CMGC is a more cost efficient approach for smaller projects and that the information obtained will be a valuable tool for future contractor selection.

In answer to council questions Cerise said the Public Works Team will act as the contracting officer along with City Engineer Steve Frazee.

Even though an official bidding process is not required for the restroom projects, local contractors will be invited to submit plumbing and electrical designs along with their cost estimates.

A motion to use the Construction Manager General Contract process for the restroom projects was unanimously passed by the City Council.
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