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Shania Fitte has chosen to host a musical event as her Senior Project. At the August 20 meeting of the Salmon City Council her mentor and senior project advisor, David Wood, relayed her request to waive Salmon Valley Center room rental fees.

Wood said Fitte will be hosting ďThe Art of MusicĒ event as a fund raising project and that proceeds from the musical evening will go towards establishing an on-going music scholarship fund for graduating students who plan to enter the field of music. Wood asked if the $100 room rental could be waived.

City Councilman Ken Hill told Wood there is a rather concrete rule that fees for city facilities cannot be waived however, he volunteered to pay the fee. Councilmen Rob Jackson, Russ Chinske and Fred Waidely quickly offered to share the expense.

Wood thanked the councilmen and invited them to attend the September 28 Art of Music event in which he will be performing along with vocalists and musicians. The musical venue will offer a wide range of music such as country, blues classical and rock.

This yearís Salmon Marathon is being sponsored by the Whitewater Therapeutic and Recreational Riding Association (WTRRA). In years past the Salmon Valley Chamber of Commerce sponsored and coordinated the popular marathon event. When the Chamber folded the association stepped forward in an effort to facilitate and perpetuate the annual run which has become an economic boost to the local economy.

WTRRA Executive Director Joyce Scott asked the council if the $75 per day fee for park use could be waived and if the association could use the former Chamber office space free of charge on September 3rd through the 5th to assemble gift bags for each marathon entrant. She said that location would be very convenient for volunteers since all the materials are stored in the City Hall basement. The park use would involve the Town Square Park on the Friday night before the run and Island Park on marathon day for a fee total of $150.

Council President Jim Baker asked why Local Option Tax (LOT) money is not being used for the fees and why the Whitewater facility canít be used by the volunteers. Scott explained that since the Chamber didnít have to pay park fees it was assumed no fees would be involved and were not included in their LOT request. She also explained the Whitewater arena is booked with classes six days a week. Baker reminded everyone the city does contribute a great deal to the marathon event in the form of law enforcement support.

Councilman Rob Jackson commented the marathon is a for-profit event and that the council canít deny one fee waiver request such as the one from Shania Fitte then turn around and grant another one.

Councilman Russ Chinske thought that since the Chamberís closure was not Whitewaterís fault the association should be allowed to use the old chamber office space rent fee for this year. He made a motion to waive the $100 per day room fee. Waidely modified the motion with a refundable cleaning deposit requirement. The motion passed on a five to one vote with Jackson casting the opposing vote. The association will pay the park facility rental fee.

This yearís Salmon Marathon will take place on September 6.

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