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During the Salmon City Councilís September 4 Roundtable discussion Council President Jim Baker brought forward a law enforcement policy he would like to know more about.

Baker said an official complaint was made to the City Police from a city resident whose dog was caught in a spring trap set on the property adjoining his home. He said the owner of the injured dog was told the City Police could not investigate the incident because the person residing on the property where the trap was set is an officer in the county. Baker said he wants that policy discussed. The issue will be sent to the cityís Safety Team.

Baker also inquired as to the time table for paving the street next to the hospital and was told by Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt they are hoping to do the job the week of September 21st. Baker asked City Grants/Community Development Project Coordinator Mary Cerise the status of the park restroom contracts and she said she is taking the plan back to the Public Works team for review and the projects should be released for contractors in the next couple of weeks.

Councilman Jim Bockelman passed around copies of an emailed press release in which Salmon was named by NerdWallet as being in the top ten of cities in Idaho that are on the rise. He also relayed a citizen complaint from a Taft Street resident who said that 11th Street between Taft and Roosevelt doesnít look like a street it looks like a weed patch. Bockelman said he would like the Public Works Team to take a look at 10th and 11th streets in that area. He added that a lot of weed problems are being attacked around town which is good and that he has noticed a lot of bicycle riding on sidewalks which is not good. He advocated a re-emphasis be placed on the ordinance against bicycles on downtown sidewalks.

City Attorney Fred Snook told the council the case against the city which emanated from an accident near the courthouse has been dismissed by the claimant. Snook said it has been determined the incident occurred on county owned property, not city property. He said the scheduled September 8th hearing has been vacated and the city is expected to be officially released from the case next week.

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