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Sheriff’s Office Communications Supervisor and local business owner Paul Smith has been appointed to the City Planning and Zoning Commission. Mayor Leo Marshall recommended the appointment and the Salmon City Council unanimously approved saying Smith was certainly well qualified for the position.

In other Planning and Zoning business discussed during the September 4 council meeting a tentative work session date of September 24th was set for discussion on how to fill the city’s Planning and Zoning Administrator position being vacated by Dan Maiyo. The council wants to talk with County Planning and Zoning Administrator Gary Goodman about his proposal to take over some of Maiyo’s duties as well as other ideas he may have on the subject. The tentative date is contingent on both Goodman and Maiyo being able to attend the work session.

Councilman Jim Bockelman asked Maiyo to explain the step by step process of addressing a property complaint lodged by a constituent.

Maiyo said he will first make a telephone call to the property owner in question and/or visit the site and take photographs. He then refers to the code that applies to the conditions that prompted the complaint. Maiyo said there are city codes and development compliance codes and each set of codes applies to different situations.

After investigating and confirming the complaint is valid Maiyo said he sends a notice by certified mail to the property owner listed in the complaint and/or the property’s occupant. The notice states the property address, nature of the complaint, cites the code being violated and states the time frame in which the property owner has to comply. The notice also describes the procedure the property owner must take to meet compliance as well as the procedure if the property owner wishes to appeal to the city council. Copies of the notice are sent to the City Attorney and the mayor.

Maiyo said if there is no response from the property owner a second notice is sent and if that gets no reply the matter is turned over to the city council.

Maiyo said there have been several cases where the property owner is deceased and there is no executor. He said those cases require more investigation. One way of locating the responsible party involves finding out who is paying the water bills. His current search is for the person who owns the weed infested property just south of the hospital.

Maiyo said the ultimate priority of his office is to achieve compliance, not apply enforcement. Maiyo said his office receives around a half dozen complaints a year and that there is a complaint form to fill out to initiate the process.

Maiyo’s last day as City P&Z Administrator will be September 30th.

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