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The Salmon City Council has voted to terminate the revenue allocation area set forth in an amended and restated Urban Renewal Plan for the Salmon Urban Renewal project area.

The Urban Renewal project area went into effect December 31, 1998 with a life span ending in 2028. A review determined the revenue allocation area could be terminated by December 31 of this year. The agency will have sufficient funds on deposit for payment of all final project costs including overruns and administrative fees. It is estimated that by September 30, 2015, monies collected from the 2014 assessed values within the Urban Renewal area will amount to a surplus of around $50,000. Any available funds will be remitted to the County Treasurer to be proportionally distributed to taxing districts. A report will now be filed with the State Tax Commission asking that the local Urban Renewal District be disbanded.

City Grants/Community Development Project Coordinator Mary Cerise reported on the Salmon Human Resources Task Force and presented a draft Ethics Policy the task force has created.

She explained there is a lengthy manual entitled “Idaho Ethics In Government” by which all counties and cities must abide however; there is no localized procedural policy that sets guidelines for dealing with personnel ethics issues not addressed in the city’s personnel policy.

Cerise said the task force recommends a committee of four made up of two women and two men who are not employed by the city, be on call to hear any ethics problems that may arise and then report its findings. She said hopefully there will never be a need for the service but if there is there will be a procedure in place.

Cerise said the idea actually came from an Idaho Transportation Department representative who was assisting on a project that required assurances the city is in compliance with the state ethics manual. She said he mentioned the fact most large cities have their own ethics programs in place but rural communities do not. He thought that if the city of Salmon could develop a program aimed to deal with problems specific to this area it could be used as a template for other small community governments statewide. By law local policies can be more strict than the state’s Ethics In Government but cannot be less strict.

The council suggested time limits be put on task force membership and passed a motion to postpone a final decision on the city ethics policy for two weeks to give councilmen time to study the document.

Cerise went on to explain the state and local road maintenance agreement and the need for a new one. She said the agreement in place was signed in 1980 and details ownership of roads and who takes care of which. It outlines the degree of maintenance on each roadway plus bridge inspections and defines terms such as improved and unimproved road sides and traffic devices, a definition that includes signs.

The pathway leading to City Park was constructed with federal dollars and placed on a state right-of-way and the state wants to make sure it is maintained by the city, hence the need for a new agreement. The only change in the present agreement is mention of the pathway and the state will not make the final payment on the pathway until a new agreement is signed.

The council will study the agreement and place it on the next meeting agenda.

Cerise said at City Clerk Mary Benton’s recommendation the state will begin revisiting road maintenance agreements every two years.

Councilman Jim Bockelman asked the Public Works Team to look into private property locations or other options regarding where a sign can be placed along Highway 93 North pointing the way to Riverfront Drive. The sign installed in that area by the city, at the request of a property owner, was immediately removed by State Highway Department crews leaving the roadway once again unmarked. Cerise said she would ask Jeff Eagle of the Idaho Transportation Department to come walk the area.

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