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James Earl has been unanimously been reappointed by the Salmon City Council as Chairman of the City Planning and Zoning Commission. The appointment is for another three year term.

At its September 17 meeting the council also unanimously approved a cooperative agreement between the city and the state regarding responsibility for road maintenance on specific portions of US Highway 93 and State Highway 28. City Attorney Fred Snook caught one error in the document. It listed Salmonís Main Street as being seven miles long instead of .719 of a mile in length. The needed correction will be passed on to the Idaho Department of Transportation.

Sacajawea Center Director Lin Gray presented the council with a summary report of a work session devoted to the centerís future direction and mission/vision statement. The goal of the written statement is to be as succinct and all-encompassing as possible. The session had developed various alternatives of a statement. After discussion, council members stated their version preference as number four. Gray will now send the presentation along with the council consensus to the centerís partners.

Gray informed the council of receipt of an Idaho Community Foundation Grant of around $1600 which will partially fund development of a school curriculum related to Native American Treaty Rights. The lesson plan will include special emphasis on the Shoshone-Bannock Tribe. It will be provided on site at the center as well as to grade schools.

Council discussion as to whether the current grant approval process is redundant will prompt research into past meeting minutes and the approval process resolution. Once that was decided and after verifying there will be no monetary match involved the council voted four to two to accept the grant.

A draft Human Resources Task Force Handbook was presented to the council at the September 3 meeting with a request to study its contents. It features guidelines for a local task force appointed to deal with all work place related harassment or work place discrimination incidents. After establishing there will be access to some state level training for the task force the handbook was unanimously adopted.

During the councilís Roundtable Discussion Councilman Rob Jackson brought forward some resident complaints about the speed at which large trucks are travelling Water Street. He pointed out there are two bus stops and two preschools located on that street.

Councilman Fred Waidely noted that one complaint he has received involved a city dump truck. He said he has asked Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt to speak with the drivers.

On an unrelated navigational topic, Councilman Jim Bockelman told fellow councilmen about his discovery of a block imbedded in a concrete driveway that features a NSEW compass. He said he is going to look into the city possibly incorporating the same idea in some convenient location.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be October 1st at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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