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The Salmon City Council has voted to lend its name in support of a “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” organizational campaign currently underway.

Vicky Hamilton, Lemhi County and Custer County American Red Cross Disaster Captain, explained the initial goal of the local Neighbors Helping Neighbors project at the council’s October 1 meeting.

She said with the support of the County Commissioners and County Emergency Services she is contacting local churches and service organizations in her search for volunteer block captains throughout the city and surrounding areas. Hamilton said there are already volunteers in some outlying neighborhoods that will check on their neighbors in the event of a disaster. Her ultimate goal for Salmon would be to establish a captain for each city block.

Hamilton said Neighbors Helping Neighbors is an established national organization and more details can be found on its web site. She said the local organization will have its own internet site eventually. She assured the council the city’s support would be in name only for a local pamphlet and that no financial contributions will be sought. The council vote of support was unanimous.

The council also voted to join the Lemhi County Crisis Intervention/Mahoney Family Safety Center and the community in recognizing the local domestic violence programs being made available. Mayor Leo Marshall has officially proclaimed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month in recognition of the important local work being done by all victims’ service providers. Residents are urged to actively participate in scheduled activities and programs sponsored by Lemhi County Crisis Intervention and the Mahoney Family Safety Center to work towards the elimination of domestic violence in our society and let those in need know that help is available.

During the council’s Roundtable Discussion Councilman Jim Bockelman noted it is time to set a date with Lemhi County for the semi-annual roadside clean up. The city is in partnership with the county on the adoption of a section of Highway 93 North. Phone calls will be made to determine the best day.

Mayor Leo Marshall said that in response to City Attorney Fred Snook’s letter to Keller Associates regarding needed design modifications at the city’s Waste Water Treatment Plant the company has notified the city it is working on repair cost numbers with the facility’s contractor Dick Anderson.

The council once again denied a request from Willard Davis to waive part of the water hookup fees related to two pieces of property. The family inherited properties are now individually owned but adjacent and Davis has proposed that one trench along with one meter for each property would be sufficient instead of the city having to dig two trenches. He said the distance involved is approximately 12 feet and that he is willing to help do the work.

The council maintained it is not a matter of the number of meters or trenches; it is a matter of each water user buying in to the system which other residents have paid to construct. The city per property charge is $2,000 for a water connection plus $1,000 for a water meter.

The council also rejected a request to refund the rental fee on a park pavilion that was not used due to rainy weather. The council stated the city is not responsible for the weather and the rental agreement states the rental fee is non-refundable. A deposit based on leaving the facility in good shape is refundable.

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