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A bronze plaque has been installed on the cityís wastewater treatment plant headworks building by Keller Associates. According to Keller Associates Project Engineer Skyler Allen the sign is the last item on the list before official closeout of the multi-million dollar upgrade project.

Allen told the October 15 meeting of the Salmon City Council there is still some paperwork to complete and that a malfunctioning piece of equipment has been removed and sent to the manufacturer for an under-warranty repair. He said the city should soon be receiving a request for final payment from project contractor Dick Anderson. Allen said the contractor has to submit closing paperwork and that all documents still have to be reviewed by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

Keller Associates did the initial design engineering on the plantís Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) upgrades and has been in charge of oversight and observation on the Wastewater Treatment Plant project since June of 2013. Allen said progress is being made on the dump station pipe design problem. He said two local contractors, a contractor in Pocatello and project contractor Anderson have been advised about the needed work. Allen said he has spoken with City Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt and agreement was reached over a submitted design engineered to fix the problem. Contractors can now proceed with bids.

During the councilís Roundtable discussion Councilman Ken Hill sent kudos to the Public Works Department for the street paving project on VanDreff Street. He said the hospital staff is very pleased. City Attorney Fred Snook reported a Lena Street property that had fallen into very poor condition has been cleaned of trash and weeds. He said he was able to contact the attorney overseeing the property and that subsequent action was prompt. He added there are still four vehicles at the property which are owned by a Care Center resident and he will follow up on that situation.

City and County officials and staffers will be conducting their own clean up on Thursday October 23. Last year the City and County adopted a two mile section of Highway 93 beginning at the Lemhi Hole and extending north. Since then the two groups meet twice a year for lunch and trash pick-up along highway shoulders and ditches.

At the suggestion of Councilman Jim Bockelman the city will look into the lack ofa stop sign on South Challis Street between the 93 Mini-Mart and car wash.

In other business a beer and wine license transfer from Salmon Oil to Valley Wide Co-op was approved contingent on redoing some of the required paperwork.

Attorney Snook said there are still a few details to finish on the Memorandum of Understanding between the city and County Planning and Zoning Administrator Gary Goodman. He said the agreement for Goodman to take over issuance of city building permits should be ready for the November 5 council meeting.

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