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During a December 3 Salmon City Council discussion about how to proceed with the draft Development Code it was determined changes made to the document since being passed by the Planning and Zoning Commission require that it be returned to the P&Z for a new public hearing.

The changes in question have to do with manipulation of areas of Low Density Residential zoning regarding duplexes and changes in the downtown area.

The topic surfaced while discussing suggestions by Professional Planner Teri Ottens as relayed by City/County Planning and Zoning Administrator Gary Goodman. He said in Ottens opinion the draft has been changed substantially since being forwarded to the council from the P&Z and she felt taking another look at what the commission approved, as compared to the current document, would be appropriate. Goodman agreed on the basis of state laws requiring a new P&Z hearing when changes are made to something previously passed by a P&Z commission.

Goodman also said it would be easier and more time efficient for the commission to go through the document to simplify it and make it more understandable, than it would be to have the council tie up its valuable time. He also suggested putting Ottens to work on the document.

Council President Jim Baker is opposed to throwing away all the years of work devoted to the Development Code and contested the significant change statement. After hearing a state definition of ‘significant change’ he said there probably have been changes that would qualify.

Councilman Fred Waidely was on the P&Z Commission before becoming a councilman. He agreed that by law, the changes made to the document do require a return to the P&Z.

Councilman Rob Jackson is another veteran of the P&Z Commission and has also worked with Ottens. He said that when asked she always had the answers. Waidely worked with Ottens on the Comprehensive Plan and expressed the same opinion of her work.

Jackson said, “I’ve been with this document a long time and am I happy with it? I am not happy with it.” As to the degree of changes made, he said the Development Code needs to be returned to the P&Z. Jackson said it will take more time, but he would rather do it right.

Earlier, City Clerk Mary Benton reminded the council it is time to update the city’s Comprehensive Plan and that that could be an opportunity to bring the two documents together so the codes match. She said Ottens was the person who wrote the present comp plan and it might be good to have her do the update as well as work on the Development Code document.

Jackson made a motion to send the Development Code back to P&Z and Councilman Ken Hill amended the motion to solicit the help of Teri Ottens. The motion was then tabled until December 18 in order to obtain a cost estimate from Ottens as to what her charges would be to work on the Development Code as well as the Comprehensive Plan.

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