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The Salmon City Council will wait until its December 18 meeting to decide on an engineering firm for the Island Park Bridge project.

The agreement to wait came after a discussion in which Councilman Fred Waidely said that due to a lot of unanswered questions he did not feel there was enough information on which to base an engineering firm recommendation or decision. He said there will be a meeting on Tuesday, December 9 to continue staff discussions.

Various firms have indicated interest in the engineering and permitting aspects of the project. The order of steps for the city to take has also been outlined and includes first hiring an engineering firm to research and then present what options there are to the council. From those options the type of bridge and abutments needed will be determined as well as its length, cost and who should handle the job of obtaining all the required permits.

Council President Jim Baker said there have been two submissions from engineering firms and that each provides permitting process services. Those are in addition to a permitting proposal submitted by Michelle Tucker. He said he did not mind waiting although he had thought he had decided on the local firm. He agreed with Waidely that a comparison of engineering costs would be wise.

The City Council voted to postpone a decision on whether or not to buy the Library Building pending an upcoming Library Committee meeting and ascertaining square footage of the portion of building owned by the city. City Clerk Mary Benton brought up another subject the council agreed needs to be addressed and that is the Library’s heat pump. She said the heat pump is in the library building but uses the city heat pump system and drains into the city’s well. The topic will be placed on the committee’s meeting agenda.

The council approved an official letter to engage the services of Certified Public Accountant Robert Baker to perform the city’s annual audit. The audit is for the budget year ending September 30, 2014. Baker will be providing a management discussion and analysis as well as a detailed review of all city finances.

The next Salmon City Council meeting will be on Thursday, December 18, one day later than the regularly scheduled second Wednesday of the month. Meeting time is 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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