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At the last meeting of the Salmon City Council a public hearing on the Slavin/Beers/City land-transaction was set for February 18. At its February 4 meeting City Clerk Mary Benton advised the council that according to City/County Building Department Administrator Gary Goodman, in order to advertise a public hearing there has to be a property description plat and that a property survey needs to be done to obtain that information. Benton said a survey will tell the city the exact value of the strip of land it is buying from Mike Beers and the value of the property the city is trading with Slavins.

City Attorney Fred Snook said the agreement with Beers remains the same as it was a year ago. The agreement with Slavins has been changed and those changes have been approved.

A motion was made and unanimously passed to cancel the February 18 Public Hearing. It will be rescheduled after the needed survey is done. In the meantime Council President Jim Baker will do an unofficial square foot estimate of the Beers strip of land in order to calculate an approximate value, then give the data to Snook and Snook will talk with Beers.

In other business the final payment to Dick Anderson Construction for upgrades to the cityís waste water treatment plant was approved. The bill totaled $150,602.82.

The council then approved a request for the transfer of a retail alcohol beverage license. The request had been previously approved by the state and the county. The license will be transferred from Gary Barrett to Birdie Nichole Conniff.

A thanks but no thanks was sent to Pat Stoddard Fayle of Boise regarding her offer of an Antique Farm. Fayle has 70 pieces of antique farm equipment she is preparing to sell at auction and offered the old equipment to the city for $25,000. The city would have to transport the equipment. The council expressed thanks but was not in retested in the proposal.

City Councilman Fred Waidely suggested the city look into using the Shoup Bridge to replace the Island Park Bridge. It was decided that even if it was determined the bridge could be used the main issue is the timing since it may be a year or two before the Shoup Bridge is actually constructed. Nevertheless, Waidely will pursue the idea to find out if it is at all possible.

Mayor Leo Marshall informed the council Amy Taylor of Senator Jim Rischís office has suggested that perhaps the National Guard might have a bridge which could be used until the Island Park Bridge is built. The communication came as a result of the mayor talking with representatives from the Senatorís office at last Decemberís ceremony honoring the retirement of County Commissioner Bob Cope. The idea has been turned over to Community Development Project Coordinator Mary Cerise.

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