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On February 9, two days after the now legendary runoff flood hit the valley, the Road and Bridge Department reported to the Lemhi County Commissioners that the after effects of that event will linger.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Kerrie Cheney said there will be much road repair to do when the soft ground has a chance to dry. He also said crews have already begun working on the worst spots. He commended all the volunteers who came to the aid of those in need of help during the flash flood.

Road Access Specialist Jay Davis submitted some paper work for the commissioners to sign pertaining to the Allen Bridge. He also presented a Department of Lands permit for signature. The permit pertains to the Rattlesnake Bridge and has to do with permission to cross the river.

That bridge project is going well according to Northwest Engineering of Salmon transportation specialist Jeanne Bailey. She told the commissioners the main focus right now is making sure the abutments are designed to take the weight of the giant crane that will be used to put the bridge sections in place. She said that project lead engineer, Dan Sharp, is working with Mullen Crane and Transport on the requirement details and scheduling availability. The massive crane will be coming in on 31 trucks and assembled on site.

Bailey said the 100 year flood levels have been identified and included in the plans that will now go to the Bureau of Land Management for approval of the locations. She said an error was caught in the original survey and the correction will mean significantly less impact to the west side river bank. Bailey said contract plans will be ready soon, once all the information is gathered

Lemhi County Economic Development Association (LCEDA) Board of Directors Chairman Allen Howell told the commissioners the transfer of local transportation services is on schedule. The official transition of service from TRPTA (Targhee Regional Public Transportation Authority) to LCEDA and the Lemhi Ride Transportation Service will take place March 30. Sometime between now and then LCEDA will be officially advertising for bus drivers. Former TRPTA drivers will be invited to apply.

Howell, LCEDA Executive Director Tammy Stringham and Lemhi Ride Operations Manager Candy Forfhay discussed the maze of details involved in the changeover and the fact that disposition of the building being used by TRPTA, formerly used by the CART buses, is yet to be resolved. Lemhi County Attorney Bruce Withers is reviewing legal aspects of the building’s ownership.

They said the initial use of the Lemhi Ride service is lending to optimism that a local transportation system is going to be very successful and serve local needs well. Initially the service will be on call until it is determined what kind of schedule the public wants. The bus service will be in operation five days a week and will be available for groups to rent on weekends.

Steele Memorial Medical Center Chief Executive Officer Jeff Hill and Hospital Board Chairman Dennis Lile met with the commissioners to make a recommendation. Due to unforeseen circumstances Mike Ries has had to resign his seat on the board. Hill and Lile recommended that David Weston be appointed to serve. They said Weston has been on the board’s Finance Committee for two years and has been previously vetted by the board.

Commissioner’s Chairman Rick Snyder, commissioners John Jakovac and Ken Miner unanimously approved a motion to appoint Weston.

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