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In business before the March 4 meeting of the Salmon City Council, the council voted to waive a second and third reading then unanimously passed an amendment to an ordinance which outlines how cemetery fees from funeral directors are to be paid. The amendment will allow payment by credit card.

Mayor Leo Marshall distributed for review a draft agreement between the Salmon Golf Association and the city. The council as well as the association will study the document before setting a date for discussion.

A Professional Agreement for cleaning services at City Hall and the Sacajawea Center was unanimously passed. The agreement between Karyn Talmadge of Karyn’s Kleaning and the City of Salmon has a yearly renewable date of January and is retroactive to this past January.

During the council Roundtable discussion Councilman Russ Chinske reported the recent Salmon Adult Hockey Tournament saw over 100 skaters. He said some were from as far away as Tacoma, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Chinske said this was the second annual tournament and that the participants had a great time.

The council welcomed a special guest, retired City Councilman and former longtime County Road and Bridge Supervisor Bud Bartlett. He came to compliment Harry Shanafelt and his crew about all the work being done on roads as well as the water and sewer system. He told of a late afternoon water line break in his neighborhood that was fixed before dark. Bartlett was with the Lemhi County Road and Bridge Department for 45 years and he said this winter has been one of the worst in a long time on streets and pavement. He said the constant thawing and freezing has done much damage but city crews are doing a good job of keeping up with the patching.

On another topic Bartlett mentioned articles in the newspaper which first stated a Salmon River channel will be widened to its original width during Island Park Bridge construction. He said the next week a story about the proposed White Water Park described installing obstacles in the water for the purpose of narrowing the river to create waves. He said it doesn’t make sense to widen the river in one spot and narrow it in another. Bartlett said in his long career he worked numerous Corps of Engineers projects. He said, “They would always let us take stuff out of the river but they never let us put stuff in the river.” He said he wonders if the organizers have Corps of Engineers permits and said he plans to attend one of the Wave Park meetings.

Mayor Marshall thanked him for his comments and the recognition of city crews.

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