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Jim Bob Infanger updated the Salmon City Council at its March 18 meeting on progress being made towards building a multi-purpose facility at the High School. He thanked the council for its support of the project and said volunteers are preparing the area selected for the building.

Robert Stoddard was also in attendance. Stoddard was instrumental in the community driven effort that went into rebuilding the High School parking lot several years ago and has once again volunteered his services. The massive parking lot project took five days to complete with the help of community contractors, the city and the county. This project is being organized along the same lines.

Infanger explained the purpose of his return visit to the council was to obtain permission to have existing sewer and water lines relocated so that the lines could serve the future facility. Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt said the services can actually be placed anywhere since the city is in the middle of a previously scheduled rehab of services in that area.

Councilman Jim Baker said although he is in support of the multi-purpose facility project and thinks it would be good for the community he questions the legality of using city equipment, funded by tax payers, to do any of the work. He said the utilities work is probably debatable but doesnít feel authorizing the use of city trucks and equipment for work at the school is within the cityís prerogative. Baker pointed out the school is a taxing district and could procure funding through a school bond.

He said the councilís approval to donate some of City Community Development Director Mary Ceriseís time to the project is one thing but the donation of trucks and equipment is something else. Baker requested a legal opinion be obtained and any decision be postponed until an official legal ruling.

Infanger said time is of the essence since they want the prep work done before the Main Street repaving project begins. He requested a motion be made to allow work to proceed pending a legal ruling so that, if approved by legal, the work can begin immediately rather than having to wait two weeks for the next City Council meeting.

A motion was made to that effect and passed unanimously.

In answer to a question of losing parking space Infanger said they would lose around 10 or 12 feet on the Northeast corner but will be expanding the parking lot to Mary Street.

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