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The Salmon City Council has hired the services of Stephanie J. Bonney of Moore Smith Buxton and Turcke, Chartered, to be the city’s Bond Attorney and provide all required documents in the sale of a bond to the State of Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.

The bond sale is the last step in completing the loan negotiations with DEQ for the $2,525,348 it took to upgrade the city’s Wastewater Treatment Plant. The loan from DEQ is at .025 percent.

Bonney explained that when a government entity sells a bond it has to have a specialized attorney prepare the documents along with the required ordinance authorizing the city to sell the bond. She reviewed the 24 pages of details that go with the transaction.

At Bonney’s request the three reading rule to pass an ordinance was waived and Ordinance 15-799 was read by title only and unanimously passed by the City Council.

In other business before the council, yearly renewal agreements with the city were unanimously passed for; the Salmon River Baseball Association, the Salmon Hockey Association, the Lemhi Baseball Association and Salmon Co-ed Softball as well as Sacajawea Center agreements for professional services with Mike Crosby and Jeremy Drake. Renewal of the Salmon Golf Association agreement was tabled until the council’s April 1 meeting. Whether or not the city needs to require confirmation that taxes have been paid by 501 C-3 organizations which have agreements with the city will be discussed at that time.

Fran Wyland, representing members of the Garden Club asked the City Council if the city can assume the care and maintenance of the City Park Memorial Rose Garden which was created by the late Gladys Smith. Wyland explained the Garden Club has been caring for the Rose Garden with its 208 memorial name plates and four memorial benches for many years. That care involves Spring cleanup, edging, pruning, weeding, watering and fertilizing and even though the local Ag Department has been helping with the pruning, the Garden Club can no longer physically do the work. Wyland said the club is requesting that beginning next year the city take control and include maintenance of the Rose Garden in its fiscal budget. She said club members would be happy to work with city crews and get them acquainted with the garden.

Mayor Leo Marshall said the city will include the Rose Garden in its budget.

There is a ‘no dogs allowed’ rule in all city parks with the exception of Island Park where dogs are allowed and allowed to run off-leash with proper supervision. The closure of the Island Park Bridge limited island access to the Pedestrian Bridge. At the March 18 meeting of the council a motion was made and passed to allow dogs on leashes in Town Square Park until such time as a new bridge provides easier island access. The motion also included installation of a Town Square Park doggie doo-doo station.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be April 1 at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting room.

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