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Only one bid was received for the building of two new restrooms in the city and it was much higher than expected.

In a March 18 report to the Salmon City Council, City Community Development Director Mary Cerise informed the council the bid for the restroom at City Park came in at $99,760 and the bid for a restroom at the Town Square Park was $101,490. That equates to 110% above projected estimates.

She said that even though there was interest from several local contractors who have the required Idaho Public Works license, the specified date for completion was one of the reasons more bids were not submitted. Cerise said the recommended solution is to extend the time line.

The council voted to extend the completion date and to replace the stainless steel restroom sinks with porcelain models.

In another time-line issue, Cerise said the one-calendar-year period in which to use or lose a Park Project grant is about to expire. With full approval of the council, application was made for a $12,000 grant which was awarded almost a year ago. The money was to be used for refurbishment of the City Park Tennis, Pickle Ball and Basketball courts. She said the city has already committed $5,000 for the project. The council at that time recommended applying for Local Option Tax (LOT) monies to help with the commitment. Cerise did apply to LOT along with a request of $6,050 needed for City Park fencing repairs and playground area safety chips. Both requests were denied by the LOT Commission. Councilman Jim Bockelman explained that unless the city comes up with $7,000 the $12,000 grant will be lost.

City Parks Foreman Gordon Stevenson said that for safety sake the specially made playground chips which cushion falls from swings and slides are an absolute need. He said the fencing can wait. Cost of the chips amounts to $3,650.

When debate began over how much the facilities are used compared to the expenditure Councilman Russ Chinske said, “Regardless of how many people are using them, if we’re going to let them go to rot…pull them out. If we’re going to keep them, let’s keep them up. Either use them or get rid of them.”

The council discussed various funding options. The one selected was to use part of the excess monies that were budgeted for the year but not used by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Two separate motions were unanimously passed; one approved $7,000 for the courts and the other approved $3,650 for the safety chips.

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