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During the Salmon City Councilís April 1 Roundtable discussion Councilman Fred Waidely announced that as of that morning the new local Lemhi Ride transportation service is up and running. He said 25 passengers were booked by 9AM and that Lemhi Ride will be providing same day service.

Waidely said seniors age 70 and older will ride free for the time being. There are two buses in operation plus a 15 passenger van and all are equipped with ADA access.

He said the Targhee Regional Public Transportation Authority (TRPTA) has left town taking with it an unresolved issue. At one point during the changeover negotiations TRPTA committed to transferring ownership of some TRPTA buses to Lemhi Ride. They have since reneged on that Memorandum of Understanding stating a decision to expand services elsewhere and the promised TRPTA buses are no longer here. Waidely said the matter has yet to be resolved. He said the Lemhi County Commissioners as well as the Lemhi County Economic Development Association are involved in the ongoing debate. The next TRPTA Board meeting is April 9.

Councilman Russ Chinske passed along a request from some of his students that a crosswalk be put in place across Highway 93 South at Kidís Creek Pond. The councilís Safety Team will discuss the idea.

Jim Bob Infanger of the Multi-Purpose Building project and School Board member Chuck Overacker asked the City Council to approve a relocation of Bean Lane. The plan is to re-locate the easement and tie it into Kay Street. All property involved is owned by School District 291 and all of it is within the city limits. They explained that Wade Surveying has volunteered to donate the survey and filing work but needs some assurance the city will agree to the proposal. Many logistics surrounding the request were discussed at length including required city easement widths. The end result of the discussion was the council requested a written request be submitted to the council by the District 291 School Board. Overacker immediately agreed and discussion will resume once the city receives the official request.

Tiffany McAlister of the Lemhi Education Project gave council members an update of the projectís latest accomplishments. The Project is a subcommittee of the Lemhi County Economic Development Association and was formed by concerned citizens in 2011. McAlister said the organizationís mission is to improve the lives of Lemhi County residents by way of offering increased educational opportunities.

The Education Project offers a recently updated computer lab and the overall program has created some great continuing education success stories. McAlister said one of the most satisfying accomplishments is becoming the first General Equivalency Diploma (GED) testing center in the state not located on a college campus. She said they also offer a free professional and technical test proctoring service which has seen a 72.9 percent increase of use in the last year. Other services offered include a welding program, phlebotomy trainings, truck driving school informational meetings, CNA training and basic computer training sessions which have all been very successful.

McAlister supplied the council with a budget breakdown and asked for the cityís continued support by way of the same level of contribution as in the past.

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