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Several changes to the agreement between the Salmon Valley Golf Association and the city of Salmon are being considered after being recommended by the city’s Parks and Recreation Team.

There are three recommendations the first being to shift the city’s total responsibility for replacement and repair of the 75 horse power (hp) irrigation pump to a 50-50 cost share arrangement.

When brought before the April 15 meeting of the Salmon City Council Golf Course by Association President Steve Lish and Course Superintendent Josh Tolman, Tolman explained that the pump is only one component of the eight year old irrigation system and supplies not only the golf course but the City Park as well. Additional components include a 3hp pony pump, a touch screen panel that runs the system, three irrigation wells, a pond with associated pumps plus an intake screen located in the bottom of the pond. Tolman said they have recently had to replace the intake screen at a cost of $2,900, the pony pump at $1,260 and the central computer system and software had to be upgraded which amounted to $3,000 a year for a three year period.

Tolman suggested that the agreement read, “The city shall assume responsibility for one half of repair-maintenance and/or replacement of the irrigation pump station and associated irrigation wells and pumps. The city shall also contribute 25 percent of costs on maintaining and upgrading the central irrigation computer system.” He said the Golf Association would submit copies of invoices to the city for reimbursement in the same fashion as power bills are now submitted. Those bills are shared equally between the association and the city.

The other two recommendations were to change the operating budget submittal date from February 28 to April 15 and to eliminate the requirement of maintaining a 501 c3 status.

It was stated that the overall bottom line is, it would be less expensive for the city to share all costs on a 50-50 basis than it would be for the city to shoulder the entire cost of replacing the 75hp pump. A shared system cost would amount to approximately $9,000 compared to a pump and motor replacement cost of $18,222 plus freight.

Parks and Recreation Team Chairman Rob Jackson said he has conferred with Parks Foreman Gordon Stevenson who said the 75hp pump has at least a 20 year life span. He also said the pump station is vital to City Park and that the city uses at least 50 percent of the water. Jackson said Stevenson feels the proposed arrangement is more than fair.

Councilman Jim Baker requested that a breakdown of all costs, present and future equipment values and cost comparisons between the present arrangement and proposed arrangement be submitted on paper for further study. The agreement will be rewritten to include all the requests and resubmitted, in writing, to the City Council.

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