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City Councilman Russ Chinske had high praise for this year’s “River Fest” which took place recently on Island Park. During the Salmon City Council’s Roundtable Discussion he said the event was a success, a lot of people attended and the feed-back was great. He said the “River Rendezvous,” incorporated into the event, also went well with river guides from around the state taking part in the classes that were offered.

Councilman Rob Jackson thanked the council for excusing him from the last council meeting so he could attend the NAPA Expo in Las Vegas. He said that while the Expo was business oriented the classes in how to interact and create a good experience for customers could be applied to personal life as well as to conducting city business. He said he is grateful he had the opportunity to attend. Jackson also inquired about the various sections of wash board on Main Street and was assured that plans include smoothing the surface once all the other resurfacing jobs are completed.

Councilman Jim Bockelman applauded earlier comments made by Bud Bartlett and thanked him for reminding everyone life is good here. Bockelman said it is a great place to live; the police department does do a great job as does the Public Works Department and city office staff. He also complimented the council’s ability to have differing opinions without fighting about them.

According to a story told by Mayor Leo Marshall, Lewis and Clark have once again returned to Salmon, along with their equally famous dog Seaman.

He explained that the Idaho State Historical Museum, now undergoing a three year renovation, offered the city of Salmon two statues of the famous explorers for the city’s Sacajawea Center. Marshall along with four other passengers drove his small van to Boise to collect the gift only to find the statues were each six feet tall and that a life size figure of Seaman was included. The mayor said it took a great deal of creative rearranging to get everything in the van. “Fortunately with these vans you can shuffle the seats around so I put the seats all on one side, put the mannequins in…and here’s Lewis and Clark, lying in my van and Seaman the dog. We put him in the back.”

After a night at a motel with Lewis and Clark still reclining in the back of the van and Seaman standing guard, Marshall said everyone made it home from the expedition without incident and there is now a great addition to the Center. He said it will be up to the Sacajawea Team and Director Gray to figure out how to display them.

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