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In an update to the June 3 meeting of the Salmon City Council, Community Development Project Coordinator Mary Cerise announced a preliminary approval on a permit for the Island Park Bridge has been received from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Cerise immediately cautioned that as the project goes forward constant communication with the agency on the bridge status will have to be maintained. She has also learned of another player whose permission is needed in the permitting process.

Cerise said the land at the bottom of the river is under the jurisdiction of the Idaho Department of Lands and in order to build a bridge over the river an easement will have to be obtained from that department. She said she is working with Wade Surveying to develop the new easementís language which will be similar to what was required when the Pedestrian Bridge was built.

Addendums to the blue prints for new restrooms at the Town Square Park and City Park have been added by architect Don Stamp and will be included in the Recorder Herald published advertisement for project bids. The ad will be posted statewide on the Idaho Association of General Contractors web site.

The former Urban Renewal Agency is funding the Town Square Park restrooms and Cerise said funds will be available for up to 60 days after project completion therefore those restrooms must be finished by the official sunset date of the agency which is September 30, 2015.

Cerise said the completion date on the City Park restrooms is October 30 of this year. Bids on the restroom project will be opened June 17 at 3:05PM.

At the last City Council meeting it was learned that to keep the Art Deco City Hall building on the National Register of Historic Places any repairs or replacements would have to be approved by the state and done by a builder specializing in historic buildings. The estimate on replacing two windows and a door was $9,747 minus a $2,000 grant from the State Historical Society. In view of those costs the council was leaning towards dropping the historic listing.

Cerise has since talked with a representative of the Idaho Heritage Trust who told her that being on the register is an honorary program and that strict adherence to original materials is not required. She said the state is hoping the council will keep the historic listing for the building. Given the freedom to select the windows and door to best fit the needs the council decided it would be a good thing to stay on the Register of Historic Places and asked Cerise to begin contacting local contractors.

Being assured the KOCH Tennis Court Service has all the required licenses and insurance the council approved a contract for the company to resurface the City Park Tennis and Basketball courts. Work will be done this Summer depending on weather.

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