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When the city prosecutor had a conflict of interest on a recent case before the court other attorneys were brought in and questions of who should pay the bill for those attorneys were raised.

At the June 3 meeting of the Salmon City Council, Councilman and Finance Team Chairman Jim Bockelman reported that City Attorney Fred Snook had explained that it is common in such circumstances for a city to pay for the visiting attorneys’ mileage and lodging. It was pointed out that there were no charges submitted for the work done by the two Bonneville County attorneys and that City Prosecutor Bruce Withers paid for the visiting prosecutor’s meals.

Bockelman said Snook confirmed that when a conflict of interest is declared by the court an outside attorney constitutes a direct expense to be paid by the city. The bills in question were $186.30 for mileage and a charge of $185.92 for two nights’ lodging for two people. The charges totaled $372.22. A motion was passed to pay the bill.

It was decided that language in the prosecuting attorney’s contract will be reviewed and rewritten for better clarification concerning conflict of interest situations.

The City Council Ok’d a request from the LDS Youth Pioneer Trek which is scheduled for Saturday June 16. The group has its off road route all planned but in case of inclement weather it wanted to have an alternate route through town approved for the wagons and buggies involved. It was explained that no street closures would be necessary. The alternative route includes portions of Highway 28, the Lemhi Road, Shoup Street, North Daisy, Confederate Drive and North Saint Charles and would only be used in the event of muddy terrain. The council unanimously agreed.

Another youth group, Skaters for Christ, asked for permission to close the Skate Park for two hours on July 17th from 6 to 8PM. A special Skate Clinic with free lessons from a professional skateboarder is going to be held and the group doesn’t want those participating to be interrupted by other park users. The event had been approved by the council earlier contingent on the event being insured and has since been informed that it is insured. The council asked that the skaters put up signs notifying the public in advance of the special closure and then unanimously passed the request.

City Finance Director Amy Fealko said the city has been inviting banking proposals from the various local banking institutions. Brian Elkin, President of Summit National Bank, was in attendance to address the council and speak of services the bank can offer. He said the bank is a taxpaying member of the community and participates in community events. He mentioned the recent $5,000 donation to the new Salmon Public Library as proof of the bank’s community involvement.

As far as coverage on the city’s money he said the bank is an FDIC insurance institution with automatic $250,000 coverage on each account. Anything above and beyond that amount has the bank’s pledge of their securities for the city’s securities or, in other words, one hundred percent coverage on city funds.

Elkin said Summit Bank has a 12 year history of dealing with 13 counties and carries about $7 million in municipal leases with Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Teton and other western Idaho counties. He said the bank does quarterly reports and will work with Fealko on the annual audits. He added there are no account charges. Elkin invited the city to ask any questions it may have at any time.

The council thanked him for his presentation.
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