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The Salmon City Council has voted unanimously to create a plan to terminate the Rose Garden at City Park. The volunteer Garden Club that has provided many years of care for the roses can no longer do the required labor and the city does not have the manpower or time.

Councilman Russ Chinske said the garden has become the cityís responsibility and a decision needed to be made because the roses are not being tended. He thanked the club and the gardenís founder, the late Gladys Smith. Councilman Jim Baker made a motion to develop a closure plan which will include returning the memorial bench, plants and plaques to the families that donated them. The council will review the plan.

Dale Venwell has asked that some trees in the city right-of-way in the Baker Avenue area be removed. He said the trees are close to the property where he plans to build a retaining wall. Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt concurred with the request because of possible interference with emergency vehicle access. He said the area has been surveyed in terms of property lines and the retaining wall will be right next to the right-of-way. Shanafelt said the three or four trees are Cottonwood and will be no problem to remove. The council passed a motion to that effect.

Earlier in the evening City resident Dave Gusky requested a copy of the meeting minutes from the last Public Safety Team meeting. City Clerk Mary Benton said the minutes would be made available after a public records request is signed. He was not happy with the response and said that if the meeting had been held properly he wouldnít have had to request the minutes. She explained the public records request process is dictated by state law.

During the councilís Roundtable discussion Councilman Russ Chinske remarked that he was not comfortable with Gusky having to fill out the public records request form. Benton explained that getting a signature in return for the minutes has proved to be extremely important in lawsuit cases. She said otherwise there is no proof the person requesting the minutes actually received them as required by law. She told the council she was protecting the city by not providing the minutes without a signature. Chinske stated there should be times to just let things flow.

When Councilman Ken Hill gave a report on the last Public Safety Team meeting the issue was raised again. Hill stated that crosswalk safety issues were not discussed because the person who requested the discussion was not in attendance due to a misunderstanding regarding the time of the meeting. Councilman Fred Waidely asked why Gusky would say the meeting was not properly held and Hill explained that the meeting was originally scheduled for 5:15 but was moved to 4:30.

Upon checking with Benton it was learned Team Meeting times are placed on the City Hall Bulletin Board. She said changes in those meeting times, by state law, need to be posted a week in advance of the meeting. The City Council meeting agenda has to be posted 48 hours in advance and Special Meetings of the council have to be posted 24 hours in advance.

Councilman Jim Bockelman said he was sorry he didnít think to amend the councilís agenda so Guskyís complaint could be addressed that evening.

Hill said the crosswalk discussion will be on the teamís July 8 meeting agenda. The only other topic the team discussed at its June 10 meeting was the signage and striping that has been painted on the newly paved streets, with which the team found no problems.

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