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The Salmon City Council has rejected the construction bids for the City Park and Town Square restrooms. The three bids were delivered and opened on June 17.

In two separate actions the council first unanimously passed a motion to reject the bids and then passed a motion to contact the CXT Corporation in Spokane, Washington and purchase, under a State of Idaho contract with the company, two of its prefab restroom units. That motion was contingent on the legalities of the city’s being able to piggy-back on the state contract already in existence. The estimated cost of those units is around $40,000 each.

City Councilman Jim Baker reviewed the submitted bids for the council and said that all of the bidders were required to also submit and include their subcontractor’s bids for electrical and plumbing work.

The highest bid received came from Morgan Construction Company and was $95,287on each restroom unit. The Wellard Construction bid on the Town Square restroom was $98,875 and for the City Park restroom, $94,615.

The lowest bid came from Richard Jordon at $75,990 for each restroom however; Baker said due to several errors in the submitted document that bid was deemed “Unresponsive.”

Baker said at that point in the bid opening process Engineer Steve Frazee recommended the city call CXT which is the company that built the concrete unit on Island Park. The firm currently has a contract with the State of Idaho to build the 160 to 200 square foot units. Floors and walls of the units are precast concrete as is the roof. The toilets, wash basins, plumbing and electrical are all included. Frazee’s understanding is that the units are around $40,000 delivered. City crews would be able to provide the gravel base on which to place the pre-fab units. Each unit has holes precast in the floor for connection to the plumbing and electrical. The underground plumbing would have to be installed which Baker estimated at from $3000 to $5000 which would make the total cost for each unit at around $45,000.

Baker said he really liked the Don Stamp design however the cost difference was just too wide. Councilman Rob Jackson drew attention to the estimated local cost of plumbing and electrical which amounts to about $30,000 per unit. He said when Stamp’s design was being considered the plumbing and electrical costs were not known. Baker and Councilman Russ Chinske both remembered that at one time it was thought local construction would be around $40,000 which was competitive with the precast. It was the cost of plumbing and electrical, which has to be installed by a contractor licensed to do public works projects that put it over the top.

Councilman Jim Bockelman commented that the local contractors had been asked to bid on the Stamp design and he wondered if they were asked to bid on the precast design the outcome would be better. It was decided time is also a factor. The Town Square restroom is being funded by the retiring Urban Renewal Agency and the facility must be completed by September 30 in order to receive the funding.

Every councilman wanted the project to benefit local construction people but due to the expense factor, as well as the funding deadline, any delays associated with a rebidding process would not be good for city taxpayers.

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