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At its July 1 meeting the Salmon City Council unanimously passed a motion to accept the tentative 2015-2016 budget. City Finance Director Amy Fealko said the budget is balanced and shows a General Fund total of $1,361,194.

A public hearing on the budget has been scheduled to take place during the council’s regular meeting on July 15. A second reading of the budget will occur on August 5 and the third reading will be August 19. Notification of the public hearing was published July 2 in the Recorder Herald and will be published again on July 9.

Discussion on an Updated Personnel Policy was postponed until the August 5 council meeting to give everyone more time to read it. Fealko explained that there is a choice of two different forms of personnel manual. The one used by the city is the “At Will” version which means employees work at the will of the city and that there is no contract involved. The other approach is the “For Cause” which means reasons must be given in order to dismiss someone. City Attorney Fred Snook said the “At Will” position is much easier for the city to defend and is therefore preferable.

In an update on other ongoing topics Snook said the Whitewater Park Initiative is in process and because the city has fulfilled all of its responsibilities related to that process, it is out of the city’s hands at this point.

Snook has been searching for any legal precedents that might exist in terms of a definition as to whether or not Local Option Tax monies are considered city tax dollars. So far he has found none in Idaho. He said that he will expand the search to other states. If that fails it will be up to him to write a legal opinion as to whether the city’s agreement with the Whitewater Park Association should be re-written.

Snook said he had just received a report from Attorney Dale Storer on House Bill 90 legislation. The legislation went into effect on July 1. It recodifies, or relocates, the Public Records Act and Misdemeanor infractions and penalties and places them under the new Title 74 of Idaho Code. He said the new code makes previous cross references in city codes obsolete. Storer asked if the City of Salmon wants to participate in an intern project to redo the cross references. Snook said he checked with City Clerk Mary Benton and found that is already being done.

Snook reported he has conferred with City/County Building Inspector Gary Goodman about several permit violations and they are being worked out. Snook has also sent a letter of demand regarding money that is owed to the Salmon Business and Innovation Center. He said the city will follow up on the demand’s current status. Still to do is a wrap up on the Beers-Slavin-city land exchange so the required survey can proceed and a public meeting can be scheduled.

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