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Landfill Manager Ken Boese presented the Lemhi County Commissioners with photos of the Tower Creek transfer site along with scenes from other transfer sites. He said what the pictures show is more waste bins are needed.

Boese proposed acquiring ten, six yard bins to distribute among the household waste dumpsites. The commissioners agreed the Summer usage is consistently high and it is important to keep the trash off the ground by providing more space in which to put it. Boese had assumed he would have to wait until October 1 and the new budget year. The commissioners consulted County Clerk Terri Morton who confirmed there is money in the budget which can be transferred by way of a resolution to “Capital Other.”

The bins were to be ordered that day.

David Schroeder of Gem Air LLC told the board that Gem Air will once again apply for the Small Community Air Service Development Grant. This will be the third attempt for the three year grant which is sought nationwide and generates a great deal of competition. The funding would amount to approximately $60,000 per year and if awarded locally it would help restore useful year around air service to the area.

It is the county that actually applies for the grant and has done so for the past two years. Schroeder said the money would be used to stop losses rather than for actual revenue. He said right now the local air service is unscheduled but that it has been used a lot this Summer for medical purposes and by river outfitters and river related business. He said Boise based doctors use the service to provide regularly scheduled local medical services and patients needing Boise appointments are also using the service. All that information plus impressive local support statistics will be included in the grant which Schroeder will compile and write and the commissioners will sign.

The county has committed to provide $10,000 a year for three years if the grant is awarded. The funds will be used to market/advertise the air service and the community. The county board recommitted to their agreement and will also write a letter of support to go with the grant application.

According to Lemhi County Economic Development Association Director Tammy Stringham the Lemhi County Industrial Park is now filled with businesses. Commissioner John Jakovac suggested that since the facility has become an asset rather than a deficit, the county offer a ten percent return on the income for LCEDA management services. An official decision will be made at the next commissioner’s meeting.

LCEDA Board Chairman Allen Howell submitted for signature a new Memorandum of Understanding with the Idaho Department of Commerce. Stringham said the department will now be evaluating each program it helps fund on a yearly basis which will make budgeting more of a challenge. Howell said it is also increasing the number of organizations it funds to around 20 from the former 12 but the amount of funding will remain the same which equates to less per program.

Lemhi Ride Operations Manager Candice Forshay reported that the Lemhi Ride busses had 731 customers in June. Around 38 percent of those customers are senior citizens who use the service for grocery store outings and lunch gatherings. Those rides are funded by an Idaho Commission on Aging (ICAP) renewable agreement. The majority of all rides provided are in town.

The group reported that all in all the Lemhi Ride Busing business is going smoothly.

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