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Of the 28 people who signed comment sheets at the city’s July 8 Open House all of them were in favor of the city buying the Library Building.

As to what use should be made of the building 16 were in favor of bringing the Police Department back to town. Eleven of the 16 came from a petition type submission with all the signatures on one sheet.

One of the votes for giving the space to the Police Department included making room for a youth center and a meeting hall. Another wanted the Police Department to occupy the building along with the museum.

One person suggested using the downstairs for police department storage and splitting the upstairs into three spaces for businesses and one person wanted the space used for some sort of public use such as the Arts Council.

Ten people wanted the space to accommodate the Lemhi County Museum. Two of the ten suggested a visitor center be included with the museum and one suggested the building cost be shared by the city and the museum.

In a letter submitted to the council former City Councilman Jim Kluesner wondered if it would be possible for the city to buy half the building and the museum the other half. He said the city’s half could be used for more office space and a room for records.

He recalled the reasoning used when the Police Department was moved to the Sacajawea Center. He wrote, “The basement of the city building was small, jammed up and had mold and water leaks and was an unsafe environment for our employees.” He said the town was searched for other possible places to move the department and it all came back to the fact the city would have to be making rental or mortgage payments for a facility so, the logical move was to a building already owned by the city.

Kluesner said that at that time a lot of vandalism and theft was occurring at the center as well as at the city pool, park and golf course all of which has ceased because of the police presence. He stated, “As far as police on Main Street it’s no different than when they were in the basement or at the Court House.”

He also commented that police departments in other areas are often located on the outskirts of towns.

Kluesner’s vote was to keep the Police Department in a building that isn’t costing the city rent or mortgage payments and he stated that keeping them where they are prevents having to hire an extra person for security at the Sacajawea Center.

At the July 15 meeting of the Salmon City Council the council directed city staff to research how long it would take to obtain an appraisal of the library building and how much it would cost. An appraisal would only involve the building itself since the city owns the land on which the library sits.
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