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At the July 15 meeting of the Salmon City Council Community Development Project Coordinator Mary Cerise recommended some additions be made to the Island Park Bridge specifications.

She suggested amending the specifications to include critical dimensions which are not shown. Her concern was that the lack of dimensions would make bidding difficult for prospective bidders on the bridge construction job. She asked for approval of the revisions and labeled dimensions.

After discussion on amounts of fill yardage and yards of concrete needed to fill the Super Sill Precast Stay Form a motion was made and unanimously passed to make the recommended additions to the specifications and proceed with ordering the super structure and Super Sill steel frame.

A $79,000 proposal from the Sun Energy Company resulted in a lengthy discussion on whether or not installing solar power to heat the City Swimming Pool would be cost efficient.

In the past three years propane prices have ranged from ten to $13,000. The present solar unit that was installed six years ago to assist the hot water heater which supplies water to the showers is currently not functioning properly and has been deemed obsolete by Sun Energy representatives. They have offered to use one their units to assist the water heater and show how the system works. Mayor Leo Marshall suspects the water heater itself has something to do with the lack of hot water and he will follow up on that theory.

Questions that arose included the condition of the present boiler and the need to replace it soon. Based on the ‘obsolete’ verdict given the present system the councilmen wondered how long it would take for a new solar system to become obsolete. They also need to know how much maintenance is involved in the proposed system and since the solar panels would be located on the ground how much security would be needed to protect them. Public Works Supervisor Harry Shanafelt said the system being proposed is designed to heat only 80 percent of the water so a boiler would be needed to supplement the remaining 20 percent. He also said the company has never heated a swimming pool of this size and he confirmed the present boiler is due for replacement.

As far as the expense, a portion of the Local Option Tax is dedicated to yearly pool contributions and there are some grants available for communities with populations of 50,000 or less.

Councilman Jim Bockelman said in a letter to the Finance Team from Swimming Pool Manager Ashley Varley she reminded everyone that the pool is only open for five months. Bockelman said Varley suggested that perhaps that amount of money could be used more wisely.

It was decided that since councilmen had many unanswered questions Sun Energy could be invited to make a presentation. If a decision were to be made to go with a solar system it would have to be put out for bid therefore Finance Director Amy Fealko will research other solar companies as well as the possibility of a swimming pool consultant.

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