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Current Situation: Firefighters gained an additional five percent of containment line yesterday laying in handline along the southern section of the fire’s perimeter. Several engines again worked late into the night to monitor and patrol structures as a precautionary measure along the HWY93 corridor.

Due to a significant amount of water that was dropped on the fire this past week, combined with cooler temperatures and the smoke cover, we do not anticipate growth of the fire today, for a fourth day in a row.

A community meeting was held at the North Fork Volunteer Fire Station/ Community Center in North Fork, on Saturday was well attended. Presentations from the Fire Management Team and the County Sheriff preceded the question and answer session. The public asked many good questions about structure assessments and learned ways in which they can become more adapted to living with fire in their communities.

Dave Easton, Operations Chief, mentioned at the community meeting Saturday that “conditions look very favorable for containing this fire within the current foot print.”

Smoke blowing in from the Northwest and Northern California today will be a nuisance to the Salmon community, but will also moderate fire behavior. This will aid firefighters while they construct handline along the northern perimeter of the fire in Napolean drainage. The smoke will also cause a delay for helicopters. When the smoke lifts this afternoon, they will continue providing supplies to firefighters and dropping water.

The fire is most active along the northern perimeter of the fire where trees occasionally torch out. Two hotshot crews, on loan from another large fire, will construct handline and install pumps and hoses on this steep section of the fire to cool the edges and extinguish hotspots.

Firefighters, specializing in water delivery, will continue to set up sprinklers and other precautionary structure protection measures to help mitigate potential fire danger in the Moose Creek, Tower Creek, Fourth of July, and Kriley Gulch areas.

Weather: The wind will be calmer and temperatures cooler today. Smoke from fires Northwest of us will be present in the morning and should begin to clear this afternoon. Drier, warmer conditions are anticipated today through Tuesday.

Area Fire Closures: There are no evacuations in effect. To protect firefighter and public safety, the area closure will remain in effect for the areas west of the fire to the Moose Creek and Diamond Creek Roads, Sims Mine, and Napoleon areas. This area closure includes all trails and roads within the area, except for the Stormy Peak Road #023, which is open and is the west side of the closure area.

Public Safety: Lemhi County Fair kicks off today. With this event comes increased traffic on roadways. All travelers along the highway and river corridor are asked to please use caution. Please do not stop along the highway as this will increase road congestion and cause additional road hazards.

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