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Currently, the Middle Fork Complex is comprised of the Waterfall, Stoddard, Roaring, Harbor, and Alpine fires.

Dates of Detection: Waterfall: August 11th; Stoddard: August 12th; Roaring: August 5th; Harbor: August 16th; and Alpine: August 13, 2015.

Cause: Lightning

Size: Waterfall: 4,006 acres; Stoddard: 867 acres; Roaring: 85 acres; Harbor: 5 acres; and Alpine: .1 acre.

Location: Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness; North Fork Ranger District, about 40 air miles West of Salmon, ID. Waterfall: East of the Middle Fork Salmon River, North of Waterfall Creek; Stoddard: West of the Middle Fork Salmon River, North of Cradle Creek; Roaring: in the Big Horn Crags; Harbor: adjacent to Harbor Lake; and Alpine: North side of Wilson Creek drainage.

Fuels: Waterfall: open timber and grass; Stoddard: open timber and grass; Roaring: open timber spreading into subalpine fir and white bark pine; Harbor: open timber; and Alpine: open timber.

Managing Agency: USDA Forest Service, Salmon-Challis National Forest

The Waterfall, Roaring, and Harbor Fires had moderate fire activity with increased acreage yesterday. Today the possibility of significant growth on these fires due to a Haines Index of 6 the highest level on the scale, may occur. The Haines Index measures the potential for dry, unstable air to contribute to the development of large or erratic wildland fires.

The two Wildland Fire Modules are monitoring the Waterfall, Stoddard, Roaring, and Harbor Fires for increased activity. They will inform the Incident Management Team of any erratic fire behavior, so that, if needed, firefighters can inform visitors of any potential danger.

Reducing risk to firefighters and the public is our first priority on every incident.

Trail Closures for the Salmon-Challis National Forest include: Harbor Lake Trail (Forest Trail #6144), from Waterfall Trail (Forest Trail #6045) to Big Horn Crags Trail (Forest Trail #6021); Clear Creek Trail (Forest Trail #6022), which begins at the junction of Forest Trail #6025 and ends at Mirror Lake Trail (Forest Trail #6012); Roaring Trail (Forest Trail #6021, Crags Trail) beginning at Big Clear Lake to Roaring Creek Lake; South Fork Waterfall Trail (Forest Trail #6019), beginning at the junction with Waterfall Trail (Forest Trail #6045) to its end;

Middle Fork River Trail (Forest Trail #6044) to the confluence of the trail and the outlet of Terrace Lakes (where trail crosses headwaters of Waterfall Creek; Stoddard Lake Trail (Forest Trail #6140) beginning at Stoddard Creek Point at the junction with Stoddard Trail (Forest Trail #6169) to its junction with Forest Trail #6168; Stoddard Trail (Forest Trail #6169) beginning at the confluence of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River and the Salmon River, to its end at the junction with Forest Trail #6168.

For closure maps, fire updates, and photos, please visit http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/4485/

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