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Salmonís Sacajawea Center welcomed 18 Rhodes Scholars on August 23rd according to a report from Sacajawea Center Team Chairman Fred Waidely.

He told the August 19 meeting of the Salmon City Council that the scholars were to be working at the center for a week and that Center Director Lin Gray had a list of to-do items and was looking for more. The team met on August 12 and Waidely said the other topic was the Heritage Days event which was due to begin in two days.

The next meeting of the Sacajawea Team will be September 9 at 4:30PM in the City Hall Conference Room.

City Councilman Rob Jackson is the chairman of the cityís Parks and Recreation Team. During the August 19 meeting of the City Council he said Jamie Bockelman-Philips attended the teamís August 12th meeting to report on some of the issues the softball league is experiencing. Jackson said most of the problems have to do with ground work and who is to take care of them. It was agreed that the solution to most of the problems could be worked out with an updated agreement. He said Jamie will come to the September 9th meeting of the Parks and Recreation Team with a list of discussion topics.

A suggestion was made that a meeting be held with all users of city parks and properties. Jackson said such a meeting is needed for the purpose of updating and signing agreements as well as scheduling the use of city facilities. He said that way sprinklers being on when the park is in use can be avoided. The team would like to schedule the meeting sometime next Spring.

The need for a horticulturist was discussed with input from City Parks Foreman Gordon Stephenson. Jackson said the team decided the subject needs to go before the whole council for an official decision and to determine if there is money in the budget to fund the position.

The new no trespassing signs have been placed on the Island Park Bridge however, according to Jackson, the fence erected for the publicís safety is still being bypassed. No one had any new ideas as to what else can be done to keep people off the condemned bridge.

Jackson said the nets at the tennis courts are in need of repair. Stephenson told the team that the winch sprocket is stripped and will not hold the nets tightly enough. The Parks Foreman will ask if the city shop can repair the sprocket.

The next meeting of the Parks and Recreation Team is September 9th at 3:30PM in the City Hall Conference Room.

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