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All city financial numbers are looking good for July and nothing is out of line according to a report to the cityís Finance Team from City Finance Director Amy Fealko.

City Councilman Jim Bockelman is chairman of the team and in an August 19 report to the City Council he said Fealko has been researching the cityís health insurance needs and reviewing different programs. He said the city has been with the Echelon Group for around ten years. Echelon representatives Collen Hill and Don Reiman were invited to give a presentation to the teamís August 12 meeting. Bockelman said their presentation contained a significant amount of very interesting and important information as to what the firm offers. Fealko is still researching all insurance opportunities and will report findings to future team meetings.

Bockelman said the team has also had Fealko gathering research on local banking institutions to determine which offers the best services for the cityís needs. Based on that research he said the Finance Team favored Summit Bank and is recommending the council act on making the banking change. At the August 19 council meeting the City Council voted unanimously to make Summit National Bank the cityís depository.

In other Finance Team business Bockelman said the team discussed a shared cost between the city and property owners for sidewalk repair and the team decided it does not have the expertise to make a recommendation. It was suggested that after the Main Street sidewalk project is further along a new inventory of the balance of sidewalks all around town be taken and prioritized as to need for repair. The team will discuss the subject further.

Sacajawea Center Director Lin Gray supplied the team with cost information related to local camp ground long-term Recreational Vehicle space rentals. Her research was prompted by the idea of making RV parking for center hosts available at the center. There is currently one site with full hook ups for an RV at the center which she suggested could be improved to accommodate two sites in time for next season. Bockelman said there is money in this seasonís budget for the improvement and Gray is concerned about losing those funds if they are not spent this season.

During the August 19 City Council meeting, after much discussion which included input from camp ground owners, it was decided to move forward with the creation of two RV sites with the understanding that the council can add amendments and further stipulations later. The move was made to protect the money already budgeted and only available until September 30. The council decided to also write legislation concerning carryover monies to assure they are not lost to other budgets when the fiscal year ends.

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