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Location: 17 miles west of Challis

Start Date: August 24

Cause: Lightning

Location: 17 miles west of Challis

Start Date: August 24

Cause: Lightning

Contained: 15%

Size:10,004 acres

Total Personnel: 525 Resources:

Crews: 12

• Helicopters: 4

Engines: 26

Current Situation: Yesterday, an infrared flight took place. The fire grew an additional 400 acres due to increased afternoon fire activity, primarily around Summit Rock and the northern perimeter of the fire where it is burning towards the River of No Return Wilderness. A red flag warning for 30 mph winds and low humidity will increase fire behavior across the fire area today.

Firefighters used all available aircraft yesterday, including two single engine airtankers, to keep the fire from progressing down Squaw Creek and northeast toward Summit rock– steep areas with dense timber and abundant beetle killed trees. These aircraft helped to cool the fire’s edges where handcrews are working to construct line. Helicopters will transport crews to the fireline, provide bucket drops, and conduct an aerial recon to assess the fire’s behavior later this afternoon. Due to the high winds today, afternoon turbulence may limit the use of aircraft.

The bulk of the fire’s growth remains on the northern perimeter, up the Tenmile, Twelvemile and Yankee Fork drainages. Northwest of Summit Rock, single and group tree torching is expected. In areas where terrain and wind align, fire behavior will slow progress of direct handline construction. Bucket drops and retardant may be used to cool the fire’s edges where crews started to work yesterday. North of the Custer Motorway, the fire is patchy with several spot fires. As winds increase today, firefighters will be vigilant in maintaining their safety protocols.

Direct line construction continues along the bottom of Yankee Fork Drainage on the southwestern front of the fire. Uphill line construction in heavily timbered, steep terrain is slowly progressing. Six new handcrews arrived last night that will be inserted today. Weather and fire behavior permitting, these resources will work west and north with other handcrews to speed line construction and establish pumps and hoses used to cool the fire’s perimeter and eventually assist with mopping up the fire. Indirect line construction along the Mill Creek Road continues. This contingency is put in place to protect the Mosquito Flat area. Slow progress is made each day to construct direct line from the Custer Motorway to the Yankee Fork Drainage.

Two additional remote automated weather stations were placed on the northwest and southeast sections of the fire yesterday. These stations will allow the incident meteorologist access to more accurate weather forecasts and provide firefighters with up to the minute weather information via radio transmission.

Infrared flights are scheduled every 48 hours, or unless significant fire activity occurs.

Weather: A red flag warning today for high winds and low relative humidity ahead of an approaching cold front will increase firefighter’s awareness and may slow progress as firefighter adjust to the fire’s behavior.

Area/Trail Closures: A trail closure is in effect for the River of No Return Wilderness as a precautionary measure in the event the fire moves into the Wilderness. Warm Springs Trail (#4104) East Mayfield-Yankee Trail (#4114); Trapper Creek (# 4119) and Kerr Creek Trails are closed to provide public safety from wildland fire hazards associated with the fire.

An Emergency Area Closure remains in effect and includes the following roads, campgrounds and all areas within to provide protection to forest visitors. The following roads are closed: Bayhorse Road (#40051); Trealor Creek Road, including the Squaw Creek Rd. (#40045); Custer Motor Way (#40070) at Five Mile Creek & Junction with Garden Creek Road (#400901); Kinnikinic Creek Road (#40053); Mill Creek Campground; Mosquito Flat Campground. Sleeping Deer Road (#40086) is OPEN


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