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Rain and snow created mud and hazardous conditions for firefighters spiked out near Bonanza yesterday. Today, firefighters will scout for a new location to establish a spike camp on the west flank of the fire. Spike camps minimize travel time and also reduce the risk associated with driving.

Rain and snow forced new snags to fall across roadways. Professional fallers, handcrews and a feller-buncher will continue to clear debris from the Custer Motorway. Falling hazardous trees is very dangerous to firefighters and requires patience and attentiveness. There is a lot of work to be done along the roadway and it could take some time to clear. Firefighters will continue to construct containment line and mop up hot spots along the eastern and western flanks as weather and road conditions allow today.

Firefighters will fall hazard trees and buck logs from the Homestead Station south along the McKay trail. This will give crews safer access to the southeastern flank of the fire where high altitude and cold weather may limit aviation assets. Engines from the structure protection group will take down flagging and other material that was used to develop a structure protection plan.

Additional holiday weekend traffic is expected today along the Bayhorse and Yankee Fork Roads. Drivers are encouraged to drive safely and watch out for increased traffic, rocks and fallen debris in roadways. All drivers are encouraged to drive with their headlights on!

Incident Commander, Kim Martin reminded firefighters today that while things remain wet now, the Salmon-Challis National Forest is known to have fires take off when warmer weather arrives. The Management Team will take every precaution to ensure the objectives are fully met before firefighters feel comfortable to leave. Firefighters will take advantage of the cool, wet weather and calm fire behavior to mop up and contain as much fire as possible in the days ahead.

Weather: Much cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity associated with a cold front forecasted to last through the weekend, will keep the fire behavior minimal for the next several days. Yesterday was a record setting weather day for precipitation, with similar weather in the forecast today.

Area/Trail Closures: An Emergency Area Closure remains in effect and will shrink when the fire is no longer a threat and fire traffic on roadways lightens. The closure area includes the following roads, campgrounds and all areas within to provide protection to forest visitors. The following roads are closed: Bayhorse Road (#40051); Trealor Creek Road, including the Squaw Creek Rd. (#40045); Custer Motor Way (#40070) at Five Mile Creek & Junction with Garden Creek Road (#400901); Kinnikinic Creek Road (#40053); Mill Creek Campground; Mosquito Flat Campground. Sleeping Deer Road (#40086) is OPEN

A trail closure remains in effect for the River of No Return Wilderness as a precautionary measure in the event the fire moves into the Wilderness. Warm Springs Trail (#4104) East Mayfield-Yankee Trail (#4114); Trapper Creek (# 4119) and Kerr Creek Trails are closed to provide public safety from wildland fire hazards associated with the fire.

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