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September 7, 2015 – 8 a.m.

Contained: 30%

Size: 10,387 acres

Total Personnel: 582 Resources:

· Crews: 17

· Helicopters: 7

· Engines: 7

After three days of hard work by firefighters and assistance from Mother Nature, the fire is now 30 percent contained, with 50 percent of the fire’s northern perimeter in monitor status.

Yesterday firefighters made substantial progress on the East side of Yankee Fork where open flame continues to burn heavy timber. A few smokes along the northern perimeter of the fire remain where the fire is allowed to move towards the River of No Return Wilderness.

Firefighters took advantage of the cool weather and calm fire behavior this weekend to mop up and contain as much fire as possible. Good progress was made in Squaw Creek and Tenmile drainages where firefighters continue to seek and extinguish hot spots. Crews found heat along the fire’s perimeter in the higher elevations where they will work to put out these hot spots the next few shifts.

Professional tree fallers, handcrews and a specialized machine designed to cut and remove trees (feller-buncher), continue to clear debris from the Custer Motorway. Additional crews were assigned to work on the Motorway today. An archaeologist and resource advisor will be present to provide resource protection direction. Several days of work remain before the road can be safely opened to the public.

Firefighters and equipment no longer needed were released. This decline in personnel will continue through the week as containment and objectives are met.

We expect additional holiday weekend traffic today along the Bayhorse and Yankee Fork Roads. Today will be the last day the Yankee Dredge and Custer Historic sites are open for public use. We ask drivers to be aware of fire traffic along roadways.

Weather: Much cooler temperatures and higher relative humidity at night will again keep the fire behavior minimal today. However, warmer, dryer weather is forecasted to set up this week which may make hot spots that once smoldered puff to life.

Area/Trail Closures: An Emergency Area Closure remains in effect and will shrink when the fire is no longer a threat and fire traffic on roadways lightens. The closure area includes the following roads, campgrounds and all areas within to provide protection to forest visitors. The following roads are closed: Bayhorse Road (#40051); Trealor Creek Road, including the Squaw Creek Rd. (#40045); Custer Motor Way (#40070) at Five Mile Creek & Junction with Garden Creek Road (#400901); Kinnikinic Creek Road (#40053); Mill Creek Campground; Mosquito Flat Campground. Sleeping Deer Road (#40086) is OPEN

A trail closure remains in effect for the River of No Return Wilderness as a precautionary measure in the event the fire moves into the Wilderness. Warm Springs Trail (#4104) East Mayfield-Yankee Trail (#4114); Trapper Creek (# 4119) and Kerr Creek Trails are closed to provide public safety from wildland fire hazards associated with the fire.

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