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Workers known as the ďRoad ScholarsĒ from the University of Montana-Dillon where extended thanks during the City Councilís Roundtable discussion on September 2.

Councilman Fred Waidely said the 18 retired men spent lots of time fixing lots of things at the Sacajawea Center during their recent visit. He said the volunteer crew painted and stained rails and signs, fixed the board walk, put a new door on the log cabin along with new shutters and spread new gravel beds outside the downstairs door of the Learning Center. Waidely said they also had compliments for Center Director Lin Gray who had all the needed materials gathered and awaiting the groupís arrival and during its stay ran all the errands for whatever else was needed. Waidely said the group enjoyed working with Gray and wanted her recognized for a job well done.

Other topics of the Roundtable included unfinished business. Councilman Jim Baker said no word has been received in response to a letter the city sent to the school board regarding a right-of-way exchange. City Attorney Fred Snook said it looks like some engineering work is in progress for a new road by the school and he will follow up on getting a response to the cityís letter. Baker also asked Snook for an update on the pending Slavin-Beers-city property agreement.

Councilman Rob Jackson commented he hopes the Main Street Bridge is done and said he likes the looks of the bridge and the sidewalk. He said it was an unfortunate time of year to schedule the work but now that itís done it seems worth the traffic challenges the project created.

Councilman Jim Bockelman said he has received comments about the Deluxe Motel sign still standing years after the motel was demolished. Councilman Fred Waidely volunteered the information that the sign is on a highway easement and that the State Highway Department hasnít moved to get it taken down but is instead trying to get the hospital to do it. Waidely said the hospital canít touch it because the sign belongs to people who wonít respond to communications. He said he thinks the Idaho Transportation Department will have to condemn the sign since it is in the Highway Departmentís right-of-way and move it when they re-do the intersection.

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