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A rock and concrete barrier on Island Park have become the victims of spray painted graffiti. The vandalism has brought a suggestion for stronger enforcement of the city’s curfew.

During the Salmon City Council’s September 16 Roundtable Discussion Councilman Rob Jackson reported the latest painting incident. He also mentioned a recent similar occurrence at the Child Development Center and said that defacement was in very poor taste and was a major offense to the community. He asked if the fact there is a city curfew ordinance in place could be broadcast on KSRA and called for a push to be made for curfew compliance. He said he’d like to get the word out that the city will not accept the graffiti and all that goes with it.

Councilman Jim Bockelman paid compliments to the new restrooms at City Park and the newly surfaced and lined tennis courts. On the downside he said there is “…a serious divot” on the approach to the Main Street Bridge. He said it appeared right after the bridge work done by state crews.

Councilman Fred Waidely reported on an Idaho Transportation Department meeting which took place in Salmon the second week of September. In addition to Waidely other city representatives in attendance were Councilman Ken Hill, Mayor Leo Marshall and Community Development Project Director Mary Cerise. Those from the state included District 6 Engineer Kimbol Allen, Project Development Engineer David Alvarez, District Operations Manager Ken Hahn, District Engineering Manager Karen Hiatt and Senior Transportation Manager Bill Shaw.

Waidely said the subject of the speed limit past City Park was once again a topic of discussion with the district officials who once again said traffic studies don’t warrant a reduction of speed at City Park.

Waidely’s response was, “Traffic study be damned…it’s a safety issue.”

He said there seems to be confusion over where the city limit sign along the state highway should be and who should move it. Waidely said the city limits were extended out State Highway 28 to the Sacajawea Center some time ago and the speed limit within city limits is 35 miles per hour but the City Limit sign has yet to be moved. He said no one at the meeting could answer the question of whose responsibility it is to move the sign.

Waidely agreed with Bockelman that more work needs to be done on the Main Street Bridge. He said he has received a complaint about the north side railing.

The city’s Comprehensive Plan is now five years old and there are parts of it that no longer apply such as the city maintaining a recreation program and an exercise program for seniors. It is updated every five years and the council was told it is in the process of being revised and will be available for review. Councilman Jim Baker made a motion to sign and send a letter to Judy Barkley officially canceling the city’s participation in her exercise program. The motion passed unanimously.

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