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A letter to confirm obtaining an appraisal for the city owned land under the Library Building has been written but will not be sent until more details on a possible lease arrangement are available.

At the September 16 meeting of the Salmon City Council a letter to Larry Linford, MAI of Idaho Falls was on the agenda for approval however, Councilman Jim Bockelman relayed a request to hold off on getting the appraisal. He said he has learned from Bob Russell of discussions between the Lemhi County Historical Society and the Library Association that may lead to a lease agreement between the two entities which, if put in place, would save the city from having to pay the $2,000 for an appraisal. Bockelman said legalities concerning the Library Association sub-leasing the building will be checked. Councilman Jim Baker made a motion to table the appraisal letter until more information becomes available. The council unanimously favored the motion.

The logistics of transferring a liquor license from the Salmon River Inn to L & O Enterprises was discussed at length. A motion was made by Rob Jackson to approve the license transfer contingent on a completed sales contract along with state and county approval. The motion passed on a four to two vote with Jackson, Russ Chinske, Fred Waidely and Ken Hill voting in favor and Jim Baker and Jim Bockelman voting against.

Repair and re-installation work on a Skate Park railing has been offered free of charge by Jordan McComas. Councilman Jackson said the railing was removed due to its being damaged. He made a motion to allow McComas to do the work which will be inspected before installation. The council passed the motion unanimously.

In an update from City Attorney Fred Snook he said that with the help of County Clerk Terri Morton the proposed official initiative ballot opposing development of a Whitewater Park on city land has been prepared for the November election. He said statements for and against the initiative will not be on the ballot itself but will be on a pamphlet mailed to voters prior to Tuesday, November 3rd. He also said he and Mayor Marshall have resolved the issue of an inaccessible water meter located on what became the wrong property during a city approved property split. The meter will be moved six feet to what has become the correct location.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be October 7th.

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