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Public Safety Team Chairman, Councilman Ken Hill, told the Salmon City Council October 21 that at its last meeting the team discussed the need for a crosswalk at the intersection of Water and VanDreff streets.

Hill said citizens are concerned about the number of children who are crossing the street after exiting the Carmen Charter School Bus. He said most of them cross the street with little regard to traffic and without a designated crosswalk.

The team, as well as the Police Department, feels there should be a crosswalk at the intersection. Hill said a lot of people think a crosswalk should be placed in the middle of the block where the children are crossing.

Councilman Fred Waidely asked if the crosswalk were to be put in the middle of the block would there be any consideration given to placing School Crossing signs at that location and Hill thought there should and would be. The Public Safety Team sent a recommendation for establishment of a crosswalk and signs to the Public Works Team and Chairman Waidely will put it on his teamís November 12 meeting agenda.

As to other Safety Team topics Hill said speed limits on Highway 28, US Highway 93 and at the north city limits continue to be a matter of great concern to many. He said the state has indicated that it will move the city limit signs closer to the actual city limits which may help encourage drivers to slow down but the state will not lower the speed limits. Hill said Public Works Chairman Waidely has in the past urged the state to lower the speed limits in the interest of safety and will continue to do so in the future.

In his Public Works Team report Waidely said the October 14 meeting was attended by former councilman and former Road and Bridge Supervisor Bud Bartlett who addressed the Kidís Creek flooding problems. Waidely said according to Bartlett there used to be an alternate ditch located in the vicinity of the Forest Service building. He said the ditch went under Highway 93 South and ran to the river. City Public Works Supervisor Harry Shanafelt will see if that ditch is still in existence. It was also suggested there may be a buildup of debris and silt in the various city culverts, especially the one on Water Street. Waidely said the Public Works Team will continue its checks on culverts.

Waidely encouraged individual property owners to check the creek adjacent to their property for obstructions and if cleaning assistance is needed to contact the city.

The team also met with engineers Dan Sharp and Chris Park of Northwest Engineering Services who presented a cost break down on the two bids received for Island Park Bridge construction. They requested their company be permitted to submit a $4,000 change order to complete drawings for concrete abutments. In a rebidding process the addition of abutments made of concrete would give contractors two biding options on abutment construction, concrete or Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) abutments. Bids could then be submitted on either or both.

Many other ways to reduce bridge costs were discussed during the two hour Public Works Team meeting and further discussed at the October 21 meeting of the full City Council.

The Public Works Team will meet at 2PM on November 12. The Public Safety Team will meet at 5:15 PM that same day.
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