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The Salmon City Council has made several decisions concerning the future of the Island Park Bridge. The decisions came during an hour and 20 minute discussion at the council’s October 21 meeting.

The first decision was a ‘no’ vote on Councilman Jim Baker’s motion to cease all action on the bridge for six weeks. Councilman Fred Waidely amended Baker’s motion to allow the council to proceed on development of a bid package, now in the process of being put together for next Spring, and for the council to continue to analyze options. The motion failed on a four to two vote with Councilmen Ken Hill, Russ Chinske, Rob Jackson and Jim Bockelman voting ‘no’ and Councilmen Baker and Waidely voting ‘yes.’

The second decision involved reengaging Northwest Engineering Services of Salmon by way of asking the company to submit a $4,000 change order. The change order would involve designing concrete abutments to be included as a second option on which contractors may bid in a rebidding process. The addition constitutes a major change to the original project. The vote on proceeding with a change order was a unanimous ‘yes.’ The Mechanically Stabilized Earth/Gabion Baskets abutment construction will remain as the other option. Contractors will be invited to submit bids for one or both types of abutments.

Baker then made a motion to amend the evening’s agenda to allow for discussion of designs for the bridge approaches. The motion passed four to two. Bockelman, Waidely, Baker and Jackson voted ‘yes.’ Chinske and Hill voted ’no.’ In the discussion that followed, Northwest Engineer Chris Park said there are already elevations of the proposed bridge and elevations of the existing ground levels. He said it wouldn’t take much time to add the material quantities and center line profile requested by Baker. Park pointed out that if the concrete abutments turn out to be the least expensive option they could cut as much as 20 feet off the length of the east side approach.

Baker made a motion that Northwest be asked to submit a second change order, this one for the design of bridge approaches including center line stationing [positioning of the approaches] and amounts of materials needed. Baker explained the end result would be a clearly defined pathway that could be staked out on the ground. The motion passed five to one with Chinske casting the ‘no’ vote.

In discussions on other ways to reach the goal of reducing the cost of the bridge, there was a suggestion of removing the asphalt deck covering from the project bid and instead specify road crush gravel. The reworked project will be put out for a rebidding process in the Spring which most of those involved feel is a better time to attract contractor interest.

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