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The Salmon City Council has renewed for one year a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Lemhi County Building and Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Department.

The MOU provides the city certain services related to the management, administration and oversight of the city’s Planning and Zoning Department along with associated functions that are spelled out in the agreement.

The MOU between the county and the city was first put in place a year ago and County P&Z Administrator Gary Goodman has been providing the services since that time. One of the stipulations was that Goodman provide oversight on completion of the city’s Development Code.

It was announced that the code’s paperwork has been completed and an open house is being scheduled. After the open house the Development Code will move on to a public hearing.

The agreement is subject to an annual review and renewal for which the city pays $833.33 a month amounting to $10,000 per year.

At its October 21 meeting the City Council approved a retail alcohol beverage license (beer and wine) for Shopko Hometown. The approval was tied to payment of the fees.

A proposal by Community Development Director Mary Cerise to adopt a Strategic Plan was heard by the council. She explained that an official Strategic Plan would be a smaller, more user friendly document than the city’s Comprehensive Plan. The plan would be written by the city’s administrative staff and would define who does what, identify immediate goals, set bench marks for city employees and be an overall good direction for the city staff.

Cerise said she has researched plans adopted by other cities and the best and most succinct comes from a neighboring state. She said Missoula, Montana’s strategic plan is only four pages long and provides a great guideline. She recommended Professional Planning Consultant Teri Ottens, who has been working on the city’s Development Code and Comprehensive Plan, could check a Strategic Plan for compatibility with the Comprehensive Plan.

Councilman Jim Bockelman said that the Finance Team is in favor of the idea and he suggested that if a professional is needed to write such a plan monies should start being budgeted for that purpose.

Councilman Jim Baker commented that he would prefer to see the final Comprehensive Plan before making a decision on developing a Strategic Plan.

During the council’s Roundtable discussion Bockelman thanked the Public Works Department for the repair work on an alley behind the school administration building and thanked the Ken Bellers for their clean-up work around the Town Square Bear statue. He also sent thanks to whoever is doing the downtown leaf removal. He added that if there is time, paint and the weather permits, he thinks a crosswalk is needed on the street between the hospital and clinic.

Councilman Russ Chinske encouraged everyone to vote on Election Day Tuesday, November 3rd.

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