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At the day after Election Day meeting of the Salmon City Council, Councilman Fred Waidely’s fellow councilmen expressed regret over his leaving the council, called him an asset to the council, offered him their thanks for his invaluable services and expertise and wished him well. Waidely did not receive the number of votes required for a second term on the City Council in the November 3 election.

Waidely commented that he had three more City Council meetings. He referred to his military background by saying the fifth general order taught in boot camp is to “quit my post only when properly relieved.” He said he definitely plans to do that and be present for three more meetings.

During the council’s November 4 Roundtable discussion Councilman Russ Chinske offered condolences to Waidely and also thanked the voters who participated in the election. He said voting is a very important process that is sometimes taken too lightly in this country.

Councilman Ken Hill thanked Waidely and hoped he’ll be making himself available for consultation. Councilman Rob Jackson commented on how much he has learned from Waidely and how much he values that information. Mayor Leo Marshall said, “We will miss you Fred.”

Councilman Jim Baker added his best wishes and thanks to Waidely. He also reported on a conversation he has had with Surveyor Larry Wade who is working on surveys of the Jesse Creek Flood Plain. Baker said the Flood Plain designation was apparently done with a rather ‘broad brush.’ He said if the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) identifies an area as being in a flood plain it means mandatory flood insurance for the residents as well as other expensive requirements and restrictions. Baker proposed that someone be assigned to do an investigative situation analysis which would probably be followed by a request from the City Council to FEMA for a reanalysis of the flood plain in Jesse Creek. He said if the agency were to narrow down their identifications it would save residents a lot of money.

City Clerk Mary Benton suggested the reanalysis documentation be taken to the County Building Department’s Flood Plain Manager Gary Goodman and Teresa Morton who is the certified local FEMA representative.

Councilman Jim Bockelman said the council will miss Fred Waidely. He also said he has heard many complaints about Main Street business owners and other city property owners not being allowed to vote in city elections because they live out of town. He said if there is truly enough Main Street business interest in the subject, he wondered if the city could host a meeting between state legislators and property owners where the local views on the state law could be voiced. Marshall said there is an upcoming regional legislative meeting in Pocatello to which the council is invited. He said that might be a good starting place. Marshall said he has been asked to be on a legislative committee for the Association of Idaho Cities where it could also be discussed.

Due to a Fall Academy for newly elected and current city council personnel being held on the council’s regular Wednesday meeting date, the next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be on Thursday, November 19.

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