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A continuation of housekeeping paperwork was continued at the November 19 meeting of the Salmon City Council.

The first reading of Ordinance 15-811 was passed November 4 during the council’s last meeting.

On the 19th the council confirmed the changes to the ordinance had been reviewed and approved by City Attorney Fred Snook, then waived the three reading rule and unanimously passed the second and third readings.

The changes to the ordinance involved such things as clarifications on service lines and the water supply system, omitting references to the 1992 system and bringing code updates into agreement with current policies. It also changes some misdemeanor violations to infractions and removes the city fee structure from the ordinance. The council unanimously accepted placing the fees under the category of a resolution. Resolutions can be changed without having to go through an ordinance’s three reading rule and expensive publication process.

After much discussion the first reading of Ordinance 15-812 pertaining to the removal of snow, hail, sleet and ice from sidewalks and regulating the deposit of snow on public rights-of-way was unanimously passed. It originally had a deadline of 9AM for the removal of snow from sidewalks. The specific time was removed from the ordinance which now reads, “It shall be the property owner’s responsibility to remove snow, hail, sleet and/or ice from sidewalks to allow citizens to use the sidewalks in a safe manner.” A line was also added related to keeping access to fire hydrants clear. The first reading of the ordinance was passed unanimously. The approved written changes agreed upon will be added or subtracted from the ordinance by its next reading.

Resolution 2015-5 regarding snow removal policies for the Public Works Department was also passed unanimously with the approval of Public Works Superintendent Harry Shanafelt.

An amendment to Salmon City Code Title 10 ordinance was passed. The amendment removed some unnecessary references to the moving of buildings and a reference to the former Salmon Fire Department which has been replaced by the present Lemhi County Fire Protection District. Another change was the removal of the word “International” when referring to building codes. State of Idaho adopted codes simply say “Building Codes” which according to Attorney Snook is what this city follows. The vote to waive the three reading rule and pass amended Ordinance 15-813 on its first reading was unanimous.

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