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A preliminary report on what methods could be used to create optimum swimming pool operational efficiency at the cityís pool has been delivered by Chi Pool Contractors Incorporated of Boise.

The firm was hired by the city to determine what options, including solar power, would be best for the local pool.

Community Development Coordinator Mary Cerise relayed the companyís recommendations to the November 19 meeting of the Salmon City Council. She said something not mentioned in the report were the rave reviews Chi gave pool manager Ashley Varley and staff. They said she couldnít be maintaining the pool in any better fashion.

Proceeding to the report Cerise said the boiler is kind of a dinosaur that is not at all efficient. The company findings said moving to a high efficiency system could save the city a lot of money. Chi detailed a standard efficiency option as well as a high efficiency option in its general overview of recommendations. The final price is dependent upon how the city chooses to have the work done. The project would involve removing the old boiler, redoing the electrical system along with the plumbing and installing the new system which would include new heaters.

Cerise said the high efficiency installation would deliver about 1.4 million BTUs. She has learned from Gary Goodman that the new boiler just installed at the Elks Club is the super high efficiency top-of-the-line system.

Current maintenance on the pool costs up to $6,000 annually. Cerise said the new high efficiency systems require no annual maintenance therefore no maintenance plan is needed. She said the system warranties are good ones.

The recommended system is fueled by propane as is the system now in use. The difference is the current system has a less than 60 percent efficiency rating which means from 35 to 40 percent of the 11,000 gallons of propane now used annually is wasted.

According to Public Works Supervisor Harry Shanafelt the old boiler can be removed without any structural alterations to the building which will be a plus factor in the cost estimates. As to the question of solar power, according to Chi it is not optimal for this situation because there is not enough space and would not be cost efficient. Cerise is awaiting a thorough breakdown of costs from Chi and will report results at the next City Council meeting.

Annual funding for the pool is built into the Local Option Tax (LOT) and the LOT Commission would be part of the project process.

A new member was appointed to the LOT Commission that evening and approved by the council. The vacancy on the commission has been filled by Jaspreet Kauer, owner and manager of the Super 8 Motel.

During the councilís Roundtable discussion Councilman Fred Waidely, who did not win a second term in the November election, announced that since he is soon to be unemployed he has been elected as Vice Chair for the Lemhi County Economic Development Association.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be December 2nd at 6PM in the Salmon Valley Center meeting Room.
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