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Outgoing Councilman Fred Waidely forewarned remaining council members during a Roundtable Discussion December 2 about his plans for a parting gift.

Waidely will be leaving the City Council as of the January 6 meeting and by then he will have developed a list of all the many projects before the council that have not been completed. He promised it will include the City Comprehensive Plan, the City Transportation Plan and the City Development Code to name a few.

Councilman Jim Bockelman brought up a constituents concern regarding selling a home-based business and whether the business would be allowed to continue at the same address. Bockelman checked with County/City Building Administrator Gary Goodman’s office and was told there is no all-in-one answer but a new special use permit may be required. City Attorney Fred Snook assured him businesses on the Bar Hill have been sold many times over and allowed to remain in place.

Councilman Russ Chinske continued the recent electoral defeat of Proposition 1 topic from earlier in the evening. He said he really wanted a new school for the community but that didn’t happen so he works in an old school and lives with that. He said, “You win some. You lose some. That’s the way democracy works.” He said he wants everyone to keep in mind that sometimes life swings your way and sometimes it doesn’t but you have to keep making life happen.

During the evening’s Public Comment opportunity Dave Gusky attempted to put the Whitewater Park issue in perspective. He said the point is, the opposition was never opposed to the park itself only to the city’s being involved in any way with the project in terms of safety and liability factors. He said having the existing written agreement which connects the city and Salmon Whitewater Park Association could result in such problems. He also remarked that city approval of the permitting process, without taking a look at everything before it is finished, reminds him of when Nancy Pelosi recommended voting for Obama Care so that afterward they could open it up and see what’s in it. [At the time she made that statement Pelosi was Speaker of the US House of Representatives]

Evalyn Bennett thanked the council for its acknowledgment of her written suggestions and said she was offended by Councilman Chinske’s remarks earlier in the meeting. She said she was trying to point out a project procedure and wanted to bring SWPA (Salmon Whitewater Park Association) forward to report on its progress. She said what the council had done that night was a good start and that she liked including the new council member in the process.

Lynn Bennett also thanked the council for its consideration Evalyn’s letter to the editor. He said citizens voted on a proposition to make it illegal to construct the park not on the park itself. He said he has spoken with many people who are not necessarily in favor of the park but voted against making the construction of it illegal. In reference to a drowning death reported in support of Proposition 1 he said that death took place at a low head dam below a water park, the kind of dam that would be necessary to install in the Salmon River in order to create the whitewater run. He suggested the councilmen research low-head dams.

The next meeting of the Salmon City Council will be on Thursday, December 17. It is being moved to a day later than the usual second Wednesday of the month so council members and city officials can attend the December 16 yearly gathering of judges, clerks, the Idaho Falls Court Administrator, the sheriff, state and local police, Fish and Game officials and the County Commissioners.

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