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Security was a topic at the December 14 meeting of the Lemhi County Commissioners when they met with County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman.

In view of recent worldwide events existing county systems are being double-checked and security protocols will be rehearsed in cooperation with the county’s Emergency Services Director Janet Nelson.

The sheriff and commissioners also discussed the invitation issued last month from the Office of Highway Safety for Lemhi County to administer the Idaho Child Passenger Safety Leadership Program. The invitation also included the hiring of a full time county employee who would be funded through the Office of Highway Safety. Bowerman restated his interest in the educational program and said details are still being explored. He said he thinks the program is a positive thing for Lemhi County. The subject will be reopened during the January 10th Commissioners Meeting. The board will not be meeting on December 28th.

County Treasurer Mary Ann Heiser reported as of that day there were still 5,220 parcels with unpaid tax bills. The deadline for paying the first half of 2015 property taxes is December 21. Heiser is stressing the importance of mailing early because of the recent rerouting of mail through Salt Lake City and subsequent delays. Any late tax payments will be subject to penalties and fines. In addition to the postal service, payments may also be made in person at the Treasurer’s Office or on-line through the county’s website. There is a charge connected with on-line payments.

The commissioners met with County Weed Supervisor Jeremy Varley, Forest Service Representative Jim Tucker and Tony Latham of the Airport Board to discuss water test results from the Industrial Park. It was determined a lack of communication about the testing process was part of the reason for the two tests that came back positive for coliform. The situation was resolved by cleaning a screen on a faucet from which samples were taken. It was confirmed there is no well contamination and that an anti-back-flow value which prevents water from returning to the well has been installed. The experience has prompted some changes to the sampling protocols. It was announced that Steele Memorial Hospital is now conducting water tests. Water sample tests are subject to a sensitive time frame and having to send the samples through the mail has sometimes put the results in jeopardy or caused them to have to be retaken.

In a bid opening on gravel materials needed by the county, Dahle’s Red-E-Mix Concrete was the apparent low bidder. Dahle’s was one of two bids submitted. The other bid came from Depatco Incorporated of St. Anthony, Idaho.

The bid from Dahle’s Red-E-Mix for 25,000 tons of five eighths road base was $5.73 per ton for a total of $143,250. The bid amount for 10 tons of half inch road base at $5.12 per ton totaled $51,200 and brought the bid total to $194,450.

The bid totals from Depatco were; $136,250 for 25,000 tons of five eighths road base at $5.45 per ton and $63,000 for 10 tons of half inch road base at $6.30 per ton. The total came to $199,250.

The official bid award will be made subject to a review of the bid specifications by County Road and Bridge Supervisor Kerrie Cheney.

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