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TO DO LIST 12-17-15 LMS

As promised, at the December 17 meeting of the Salmon City Council Councilman Fred Waidely submitted a list of projects the Salmon City Council has yet to finish.

Before presenting the list, retired U.S. Navy Master Chief Petty Officer Waidely reviewed the city accomplishments achieved by the council and city staff during his five years as a councilman. He said, “We’ve annexed the Sac Center into the city. We’ve repaired the Fulton Street sidewalk going up to the Brooklyn Annex. We’ve repaired the one [sidewalk] going up to the Courthouse. We’ve put in new storm drains and new restrooms in the city parks. We’ve built a pathway out to the City Park. We’ve built essentially a whole new waste water treatment plant. It cost about three and a half million dollars total which keeps us running here for probably another 30 years without any problems with wastewater. We’ve done many upgrades on the water plant. Quite a few streets have been paved, new ones paved. Tennis courts and the basketball courts have been refinished. Snow plowing and sanding is at a peak. They’re doing a better job than they’ve ever done and also picking up the sand afterward – going out with the sweepers.” He said he feels the Public Works Department is doing a tremendous job of maintaining the aesthetic and safety aspects of city streets. Other facility related accomplishments mentioned by Waidely included a new Conference Room in City Hall, a new deck, new energy efficient windows as well as new carpets. He said all are compliments of work done by the city staff, specifically City Clerk Mary Benton. Waidely said Benton has also placed a new directory at the Cemetery so visitors can locate the plots of loved ones.

Waidely’s list of improvements continued with new sprinkler systems and playground equipment at City Park. He said those are just some of the accomplishments that have come to mind along with keeping the city budget under control to the point of not having to raise taxes in the five years he’s been on the council.

Items on Waidely’s ‘to-do-list’ include: finishing the City Development Code; updating the City Comprehensive Plan; completing the City Transportation Plan; building the Island Park Bridge; putting in a new boiler at the swimming pool plus doing needed upgrades and repairs to the pool. He said many old water and sewer lines need to be replaced and the speed limit issue on Highway 28 at the entrance to the city needs to be resolved with the Idaho Transportation Department as does the on-going Kid’s Creek flooding problem.

He said he has never in his life had the privilege of working with more dedicated and caring people than those he has worked with on the Salmon City Council. He included two people not presently on the council but with whom he worked; Jessie Bender and Jim Kluesner.

In bidding farewell he said the level of council and city staff competency is exemplary. “I think we have the finest city government that I’ve ever witnessed.”

Waidely is moving on to become Vice Chair of the Lemhi County Economic Development Association.

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