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For the past several weeks the Salmon City Council has been discussing putting a Snow Ordinance in place. At the December 17 meeting of the council City Community Development Project Director Mary Cerise explained what started the idea.

She said during one of the many meetings with Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) officials, ITD pinpointed some serious liability issues the city could face because of not having snow removal rules in place.

Before voting on Snow Removal Ordinance 15-812 Council President Jim Baker suggested adding a clause that read, “Property owners shall be issued formal notice of the ordinance violation along with an appropriate time-frame for corrective action prior to issuance of an infraction citation.” His addition passed on a vote of three to two with Councilmen Ken Hill and Fred Waidely voting no. Councilmen Rob Jackson, Russ Chinske and Jim Baker voted yes.

In view of what has turned out to be a heavy snow season, a motion was then made to suspend the three reading rules and pass the ordinance on the first reading. That motion passed unanimously. The ordinance will be in effect as of publication in the newspaper.

Cerise gave the council a brief update on the Island Park Bridge. She said a meeting was held that week and some questions arose. Another meeting was scheduled to review the bridge drawings, specifications and bid documents. Cerise said it will be January before the full plans are ready for council review.

During the council’s Roundtable Discussion Baker said that according to Shanda Fitte, water draining from Main Street is causing damage in front of her “Precious Cargo Early Learning Center.” Baker asked the Public Works Team to investigate the problem.

Baker said he has been talking with Larry Wade Surveying about the flood plain delineations within the city, specifically the Jessie Creek Drainage. Baker quoted Wade as saying that any properties along Kid’s Creek which overlap the designated flood zone are required by that property’s lending agency to carry flood insurance. Wade has contacted the Army Corps of Engineers and learned the agency may be receptive to redrawing the flood zone lines. Baker said he would like the Public Works Team to research the matter and make recommendations as to how the city could help move forward with the possible flood zone changes.

Evalyn Bennet spoke during the last public comment period of the evening. She thanked the council and Brianne Westfall for a good update on the Whitewater Kayak Park. She assured the council that when the time comes the agencies will listen to all comments.

The January 6 meeting of the Salmon City Council will include a swearing-in ceremony for newly elected and re-elected officials.

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