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Council President and Finance Team Chairman Jim Baker reported topics addressed at the teamís first meeting of 2016.

His report to the full council included Finance Director Fealkoís questions regarding designating more funds for bridge engineering costs. Her questions were discussed and resolved at the councilís January 20 meeting. Baker said she also reported that the annual city audit is still underway and she is waiting for the auditorís report.

Baker said the adjustment in the fee structure for the Water and Sewer Funds is accomplishing what was intended, which was to put more of a surplus of revenue in the Water Fund.

It was reported there will be approximately $50,000 in the Local Option Tax (LOT) fund for the next funding cycle. The LOT grant applications are due at City Hall no later than 4PM Friday February 5th.

Baker said Fealko reported on what is being done about LOT payments that are in arrears from one motel. The issue may be resolved in February. The team is researching what actions may be taken if the payment is not made.

The next meeting of the Finance Team is February 10 at 11AM in the City Hall Conference Room and is open to the public.

Baker also chairs the cityís Public Works Team which met on January 13. He said a written analysis and request for approval of a storm drain connection from the proposed new hospital building and parking lot to the cityís storm drain system was presented by Steele Memorial Medical Center. Representatives presenting the request were Abner King, Paul Moody and Shena Popat.

At the councilís January 20 meeting Baker introduced the request details along with plans and street maps. The request calls for three more drains and access to the cityís storm drains for run-off water from the proposed new building. He said figures include anticipated flow rates from a 100 year storm.

Baker said the city has no fee system in place for using city pipes. The teamís recommendation was to conduct future discussions on establishment of a fee structure. It also recommended that the Steele Memorial Storm Drain connection request be approved. The City Council accepted the recommendation and approved the connection request.

The council also approved a Vacation of Public Right of Way request from Steele Memorial. It involves a 153.6 foot portion of an alley which is adjoined on both sides by the hospital. A section of the proposed new building will cover the alleyway. The Public Works Team recommended approval of the request.

The next meeting of the Public Works Team will be February 10 at 2PM in the City Hall Conference Room.

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