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The Salmon City Council has granted a request from Salmon Search and Rescue to waive the building fee for the addition to its Broadway and Courthouse Drive building and its new parking lot which will solve some traffic congestion issues. According to Search and Rescue longtime volunteer Dale Ford, estimates on the building fee is around $1,500. He said that is approximately ten percent of the organization’s annual budget and would seriously deplete organization resources.

Councilman Jim Bockelman reminded the council that as a rule fee waivers are not granted unless it is to entities that benefit the community, then made a motion to approve the request. There was no hesitation from City Council members as they passed the motion unanimously.

Tim Carroll also had a request for the February 17 council meeting. He said that on April 5 mayors and county officials from all across the country will be thanking those who serve and recognizing their impact by proclaiming the date as Mayor and County Recognition Day for National Service. Carroll invited the city of Salmon to officially participate in the recognition day.

The power of the AmeriCorps and Senior Corps programs is well known locally as a positive impact resource for the community. Sacajawea Center Director Lin Gray said the Senior Corps has been instrumental in many improvements at the facility. She suggested that the Parks Team could discuss how best to participate in the Mayor and County, National Service Recognition Day. Her recommendation was approved.

The city of Driggs has asked the city of Salmon to support recently introduced legislation known as the “Resort City Restaurant Liquor Bill.”

According to a letter from Driggs Mayor Hyrum Johnson, the draft legislation creates a distinctly separate class of license, limited to resort cities which choose to pass an authorizing ordinance.

As a former bar owner Councilman Neal James was asked his opinion of the legislation and its impacts. He said if someone wants to maintain a bar with drinks and entertainment, without an attached restaurant, it is a bad law. He said, “If you want to only have restaurants with liquor, then you’d probably agree with this.” James said the proposed law is a way to infringe on a bar and convert it into a restaurant. He said there are some states where there has to be a restaurant serving food in order to have a liquor license.

The council came to the conclusion it would not write a letter of support at this time, pending further local input from those involved in the bar and restaurant business. The motion made by James to not support the legislation passed five to one with Councilman Ken Hill casting the one vote in favor of writing the letter. Further discussion on the legislative bill will be listed on the March 2nd council meeting agenda.

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