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Joel Griffith has been accepted and appointed by the Lemhi County Commissioners as the new member of the Lemhi County Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Commission. The vote took place during the March 14 commissioners’ meeting as the board was talking with Planning and Zoning Administrator, City/County Building Inspector Gary Goodman and P&Z Assistant Teresa Morton.

There is yet another vacancy to fill on the P&Z Commission. Anyone interested in applying may contact the Lemhi County Building Department at 756-6913 extension 263.

While on the subject of P&Z Goodman pointed out that state law allows formation of a joint, city/county P&Z Commission. He said when the city finishes its Development Code update perhaps some consideration should be given to the idea of a joint P&Z Commission.

Goodman said 20 building permits have been issued which is a fair number for this time of year with at least ten more waiting to apply when weather conditions improve. He said there are a couple of large dwellings being built as well as plans for other high end homes.

In other business the commissioners voted to uphold a previous County P&Z ruling which had been contested. The ruling pertained to whether or not a proposed use of land by Timothy Stehr was compatible with other land uses in the Salmon River Highlands subdivision located in the 12 Mile area. P&Z approval of Stehr’s special use permit application was challenged by property owner Anthony Fiori. The issue was turned over to the County Commissioners and a public hearing on the P&Z approval was conducted. Based on input from the hearing the commissioners remanded the issue back to P&Z for additional information and reconsideration. After review P&Z reiterated its previous opinion of land use compatibility and during the March 14 meeting the commissioners upheld the P&Z decision.

Deb and Jim Riggan brought a road issue before the commissioners. They explained that approximately two miles of Wimpey Creek Road is either dust or mud. The reason for the extremes has been confirmed, by crews working on the road, to be the total lack of road base and the fact there is no real surface to grade. The Riggans were quick to say the county crews have been fantastic, are always pleasant and are doing the best job they can.

The road’s current condition is mud to the point vehicles trying to transport building materials to new homes being built in the area are having great difficulty getting through.

As to the alternate dry-weather dust, Jim Riggan said it is ‘unreal.’ The Riggans asked about the possibility of having some seasonal Mag water applied as dust abatement. It was quickly determined that the road base needs to be fixed first.

The commissioners promised to pass along the information to Road and Bridge Supervisor Kerrie Cheney.

Ferrell Steiner of Searle, Hart and Associates delivered results of Lemhi County’s recent yearly audit. Steiner’s opinion was that county finances look really good and there are no control issues. He went on to explain each of the audit book’s many chapters.

Full results of the audit can be found on the county’s website at and copies of the audit report can be viewed at the Lemhi County Clerk’s office.

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